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  1. I like this theory geometrically, but why have I seen no testimony that a bullet hit the windshield at the time of throat shot? The most likely evidence would come from Connally as he was in a perfect spot to hear a bullet hit the windscreen and perhaps whistling past his ear? The front passenger and driver also show no reaction and don't react by getting the car out of line. You could argue they were in on it, but its Connally's failure to register this at the right time I need an explanation for.
  2. Jiggle analysis seems a highly plausible piece of evidence that is correlated over several studies. It seems to prove the Z313 shot did not come from the TBSD: 1. Zapruder reacted to the Z313 shot sound. 2. His reaction is recorded by a 'jiggle' of the camera seen on the film as a blurring. 3. The jiggle and the Z313 frame are too close together in time for a shot sound to reach Zapruder's ear from a TBSD shot. 4. The events are so close together that the shot must have come from somewhere close, like the Grassy Knoll. My own doubt about this logic is not
  3. I think Bang .....Bang-Bang is so commonly reported that this pattern must lead to part of the truth. I believe silenced weapons (i.e weapons producing a restricted cone of sound) and echos have caused the conflicts. I am a firm believer in small film alteration. I think no more than 2 secs have been removed around Z309-Z350 and some masking around this time to JFK's head. Quick to make alterations. The turn has also likely been removed. (see Chris Davidson) I think more work assuming silenced weapons and fitting testimony to the alleged sniper positions might lead to a stronger theory.
  4. Some of the quotes from Thompson's new book mention the Limo turning in to the curb during the stop. Is there any artifact of that? It's also interesting from a frame removal perspective. If no artifact whatsoever exists, and the inward movement actually happened then sufficient frames must have been excised to hide it. That would need to be 1-2 seconds I would have thought. If its hidden by a zoomed copy then is there any way of measuring the distance of the limo accurately from the curb at each frame?
  5. We only have theories. I can understand from a Political perspective why the lone nut theory would be supported, but not from a factual one. The debate would be equally contentious if a conspiracy was accepted but not the conspirators.
  6. Mr Roe, I am not an expert on the assassination but Jim DiEugenio has pointed out the error in your thinking that Clay Shaw and Clay Bertrand were not one and the same person. The record shows they were, I don't think Tracey Parnell would dispute that. Are you re-thinking that error? You seem to have jumped past it and moved on to some knockabout. Its quite important to the case and might make you reconsider your position. In terms of making a contribution to this site, and learning from the contributors you can fact check people, but you do need to check the record. If you jump past correctio
  7. I don't think someone who genuinely admired a great man would prod a group of people who disagree that the man was great, into criticising him so soon after his passing. It takes someone with a big ego and no compassion to do that. I hope that you, Mr Parnell, might reflect on this behaviour and apologise to Mr McAdam's family.
  8. I started my study of the JFK case with the McAdams website and once I had read further its dishonesty slowly became obvious. It's omissions also became obvious. I hope that McAdams was employed to promote disinformation because I accept the view that some may hold, that the truth could be damaging to the fabric of the USA. If honestly held, then that is a misguided but understandable position. To be dishonest for any other reason is a sad waste of a life.
  9. Many thanks Matt. I suppose my suggestion that the bus trip was created to cover/obfuscate the Odio story is unlikely. If the narrative is that Oswald got to Mexico by faster means then there should be perhaps either co-conspirators or sightings.
  10. Would anybody be able to enlighten me on some timing: 1. When was Silvia Odio's story first known? 2. When was Oswald first 'revealed' to have visited MC? I ask because I wondered if it was possible that the Oswald's bus trip was created to fill in the period where he could have visited the Odio's? Its clearly testimony with serious consequences if not rebutted, or at least muddied.
  11. I have just watched the disturbing documentary 'Three Identical Strangers'. It concerns covert experiments on twins/triplets. It is probably more disturbing for proponents of the 'Harvey and Lee' theory, bearing in mind the time when these experiments were being carried out. Is it worth looking further into the background of Peter B. Neubauer? Mystery surrounds the reason why the results of these experiments were supressed. My guess is that the explanation relates to the sensitivies of the Jewish Nation, as opposed to Intelligence Agency suppression, but who knows?
  12. Is it an optical illusion, or are the motorcycles in this clip converging? There might be more than one reason for that, but one may be that one is reacting to a change in front of it. They would aim to round the curve in parallel. Any thoughts?
  13. I suspect Mary Moorman's shots after Z313 are a misremembering. She states she saw Kennedy grab his chest and then the car accelerated. Look at her photo. She can't see his chest, or what he is doing with his arms. She must be talking about the shot around Z190. She was likely panning her camera with the car. He testimony makes more sense as another' bang... Bang-bang witness'.
  14. Thankyou for your post Mark. I don't understand your last sentence. I don't think you are saying the Zapruder film is the standard, but neither do I see much point matching shot testimony to the Z film: 'Bang pause bangbang doesn't match", shot not heard by some (around Z150), followed by three shots doesn't match. Shot from the front to the throat, weak shot to the back, shot(or shots) to the head doesn't match(or at least not the Warren Report). Possibly worst of all is shot at Z150 (must have missed by a lot, injuring Tague?), shot around Z220(magically got through Kennedy's neck bones wit
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