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  1. Yeah, the ones I remember as a child in the early eighties had the picture come out, then you peeled off this plastic sheet or something over the front of it, and then you kinda waved it around in the air or something and slowly the picture started to reveal itself. Keep in mind however this would be the memory of a 4 or 5 year old at that time, haha!
  2. John Butler, in one interview from the time of the assassination, like within the first few days I believe, she had said something about how you were only supposed to leave the picture in the camera for like a minute but with all the excitement going on she had forgotten she even took it and said it was about 4 or 5 minutes until she got it out. Or something to that effect if I'm recalling everything correctly.
  3. This is fascinating stuff! Thank you all for this info!
  4. Just to speculate, if say officer J.D. Tippit were the officer in question running back behind the TSBD then you wouldn't have a report of an officer running behind there because he didn't live to write said report. I know I have heard at least one account of Tippit being behind the TSBD. Can't remember who. May have been a caller into a radio program back in the 70's or 80's. They said something about a vehicle being back there and Tippit yelling at them to move the vehicle. Just food for thought.
  5. Great stuff! Never heard this story before! Haven't read your book yet but I've watched as many of your long YouTube videos on the Tippit killing as I could find! Impeccable work!
  6. So, has anything ever come to light on this Featherstone guy to lead you to believe that he might not have been on the up and up? I know lots of media people even back then had ties to intelligence agencies somewhere down the line. Anything in his record that is an obvious tie to someone who might have been a figure in the coverup?
  7. Haha, yeah I saw that in the multi-part interview I watched with her! Lol! I definitely find her more credible than her companion that day, Jean Hill. But her recollection of events seems a little off. Not saying I think Hill is straight up lying, but to put it kindly there does seem to be some embellishment there as the years went by. The story seemed to get bigger with all these other people in it seeming more shady. Almost a complete opposite from Mary Ann Moormon. Moorman seems to naively assume everyone is on the up and up and although she doesn't come out and say it she seems content wit
  8. Thanks Steve Thomas! What I found disturbing about the website you linked above was the section where there were a couple of different reports of a street dressed officer possibly firing at an unknown fleeing suspect behind the knoll area. Did you see that?
  9. Just to update anyone possibly following this thread and interested. If I'm understanding correctly, there was a picture of Mary herself being Moorman 1. There was a picture of a motorcycle patrolman well in advance of the motorcade with whom she had went to school with. In the interview I'm watching now she hasn't said anything about this next picture I'll discuss but apparently in Dallas police reports they stated that one of her pictures captured the TSBD. So there are 3. She then took a picture of another motorcycle officer she knew which was Lumpkin. She said she gave the picture to offic
  10. Apparently she had taken 5 pictures that day. I've been studying this thing for most of my life and I have yet to my knowledge to see any of the other 4. Have any of you seen any other pictures taken by Moorman? In a case where it seems that every known photograph and every still of every motion picture has seemingly been analyzed in excruciating detail this seems strange to me. Have the other 4 been made public at all? I just wonder what could be on these and if anything can be taken from those to help fill in some of the gaps.
  11. Ok, so forgive me if any of this has been addressed before in other threads. Was watching an interview of Mary Moorman and her describing what all happened during the assassination. Several things jumped out at me. It was a public question and answer type thing and was after the 50th anniversary so significant time had passed. She says the limo never came to a complete stop, but personally I think that all these years of seeing the Z film (along with the fact that she had a camera in front of her face and possibly just didn't see a momentary stop) has maybe tainted her memory. But the limo sto
  12. Just out of curiosity, are there any of Connally's wounds that are even debated as to being frontal entry wounds? I've been studying this particular homicide and all that it entails for over 30 years, since I was 11 or 12, and it just hit me that no one ever really discusses JC's wounds when not talking about the single bullet theory. Now, I'm not suggesting that the windshield shot could be responsible for any of JC's wounds so this is just a little off topic. Just out of curiosity I got to wondering if all of the Governor's wounds were definitively back to front wounds. Of course that back s
  13. Ron, that is actually pretty interesting about the short gun barrel because something I was watching recently on YouTube had a witness to the shooting talking about what she saw. Can't remember exactly who it was but pretty sure it was a woman. Could it have been Carolyn Arnold maybe? Or possibly Patsy Paschall. Anyway, whomever it was, she had a remark about how the rifle didn't seem as long as a normal full sized rifle. The Worrell story about that rifle barrel he allegedly saw just made me think of that.
  14. Chris Bristow, sorry but you lost me in all that math, haha! Aside from the location of the shooter, is the through and through bullet hole in the windshield responsible or could be responsible for the throat shot in your opinion? Like realistically, not like how they calculated that the magic bullet scenario was theoretically possible in the Warren Comission? Could that high bullet hole line up with the throat shot without putting a shooter in an implausible position? I have taken into account too that in the Altgens 6 JFK was already grasping his throat and bent downward. At the actual momen
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