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  1. I have a couple of questions for Vince........what is your current opinion on the dead secret service agent story (whether it actually happened or not) and if your opinion is that it did happen, do you think it has anything to do with the pool of blood that Coley saw at the top of the steps in front of the fence? If I remember correctly at least one witness said something about the agents in the follow-up car returning fire. Not talking about Jean Hill either who just assumed they shot one of the assassins upon seeing the pool of blood. Seems like a witness stated matter-of-factly that agents returned fire. This is where Hickey comes in. Just brainstorming here, but say an agent who was in on the plot shot JFK or had a missed shot from the spot of the pool of blood, Hickey saw that and shot him. Obviously he lived long enough to get away or be dragged away. Do you think these two events (dead SSA story and pool of blood) could be connected?
  2. I don't know why the above has that link at the beginning. I tried to delete that but it's not showing up in my text box. I was responding to a Chris Davidson post.
  3. Chris Davidson, I agree about the JBC wounds. At least the wrist and thigh wounds. It Just.seems to me to be a steeper angle than the 6th floor window. I could be wrong. I'm no ballistics expert. But just using the eye test it seems to need a steeper angle to me which.would mean a higher position for the shooter and you always hear the rooftop of the county records building as a possible shooting location so I have been thinking for.years that at least the wrist and thigh wounds could be from there. I don't really know enough about JBC's wounds to even have an opinion on whether his back wound was separate from the wrist and thigh wounds but I kinda lean toward it being a separate shot from those.
  4. Yeah, those in European countries have known pretty much all along that it was basically a palace revolt. In America however our project mockingbird controlled press are still trying to keep those skeletons hidden in the closet and most of the reviews are gonna be hit pieces. They'll give the film backhanded compliments once in awhile and always try to lump the JFK conspiracy theorists in with holocaust deniers and other kooks. 30 years ago they attacked JFK for it's use of dramatic license and now they are attacking the doc for not giving us the answers but giving us irrefutable facts and letting us make up our own minds.
  5. Thanks for the reply! That definitely makes sense! Looking forward to the stuff on the Tampa and Chicago plots! You can find some stuff online about those but even in the best documentaries they may get a sentence or two about them.
  6. I also have a question for Jim D. Do they cover Zapruder film alteration at all in either the 2hr or 4hr? The Dino Brugioni stuff that came out in the ARRB? I know at the time JFK came out even most of the conspiracy crowd still took the extant Z film at face value though some had their suspicions. So alteration wasn't really explored in the movie JFK.
  7. Everyone is forgetting Donald Sutherland. In all of the articles I've read it says it is narrated by Whoopi Goldberg AND Donald Sutherland. I had no problem with her narration in that short clip but for those who found it underwhelming then remember that she is sharing duties with Mr. X himself! Maybe Jim D can elaborate further whether is a 50/50 split or what on the 2 hour version versus the four.
  8. I was answering a question that was asked directly to me. And just seeing this I haven't had the chance yet to check out the thread you posted. However,, I didn't say anyone else was arrested in the theater. I said that in police reports some said that LHO was arrested in a balcony seat and that witnesses saw a man being escorted out back. If no arrest record is found then obviously you can say that no one else was arrested. But no one doubted that 3 so called tramps were arrested even though no record could be found of their arrests until mysteriously, out of the blue, 30 years later after the movie JFK came out they found arrest records for 3 individuals.
  9. Yeah, Lee was never "officially" taken into custody. Harvey gets to the Texas theater first and is actually in the theater while Lee is shooting Tippit. As theorized in the book of course. He's probably supposed to meet someone there. He sits beside several people. Lee comes in much later and goes to the balcony area while Harvey is in one of the floor seats. If I remember correctly at least one of the police reports (maybe more) stated that the suspect was arrested in the balcony. A couple of officers in on the plan actually escorted Lee out the back. This was witnessed by a local store owner who always thought he had witnessed the arrest of LHO only to find out many years later that LHO (Harvey) was brought out front by cops after his arrest inside. So, Lee is last seen being put into the back of a police car. Who knows what happens after this? But when the body of LHO was exhumed in the early eighties the head was not attached to the body. They used dental records to ID the body. Records of the real Lee while he was in the marines. So presumably he met his maker at some point between 1963 and 1981 (I think it was). The vault had been compromised when they dug it up. Apparently the head of Harvey was taken and replaced by the head of Lee at some point. Paul Groody, the mortician, said that this head that was examined upon exhumation did not have a craniatomy done on it which he had personally performed on the man shot by Jack Ruby. Sorry, I forgot, yes they knew each other if I remember correctly.
  10. Paul Brancato, in the book Armstrong theorizes that Lee, the original Lee Harvey Oswald from birth, is a shooter on the 6th floor of the TSBD. He is wearing a white T shirt while Harvey on the 2nd floor lunchroom wears the long sleeve brownish shirt buttoned up about halfway with a white T underneath. He also subscribes to the theory that Lee is the shooter of Tippit.
  11. I have a suggestion for those sweet jackets......Make them reversible. So you can wear either Harvey or Lee on the outside depending on what mood you are in that particular day, lol! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I would proudly wear one of those! I have a question for the ones who ridicule the H&L supporters as they call us........how do you explain the fact that one Lee Harvey Oswald shot himself while in the marines but despite a pretty in depth autopsy that identified tiny moles on the body of the man shot by Ruby, there was no reporting of a gunshot wound or scar from this incident? The guy doing the otherwise thorough autopsy just decided this wound wasn't noteworthy enough to document? Please let me know if I have misstated anything. I do own a copy of Harvey And Lee which I have read but it has been awhile and it is a pretty massive book.
  12. Yeah, Danny Arce is DEFINITELY a suspicious character indeed!
  13. Haha, in a Google search for Dealey Plaza once there was a Lego model of it someone had built in the images that came up, lol! I've never been much of a fan of Legos though. But I do LOVE the Lego Movie! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  14. Maybe James DiEugenuo can get me some kinda discount, lol!
  15. Just read this concerning Bill Shelley: On the day JFK was killed, William Shelley had a crew of six TSBD employees adding new plywood flooring on the sixth floor. They had been working on the project for the entire month of November, and the building owner was anxious to complete the project. He brought in two additional workers from the outside. Their names were Herminio Diaz Garcia and Emilio Santana. Almost nothing is known about these men beyond the fact that they were Cuban dissidents believed to be associates of Antonio Veciana, head of the radical Alpha 66 group dedicated to the overthrow of Fidel Castro. Several assassination theories have Herminio Diaz Garcia as one of the JFK shooters. We’ll never know because members of the Warren Commission never questioned the men. In fact, their names aren’t even mentioned in the entire Warren Report.
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