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  1. Yeah, according to those who have seen the unaltered Z film it does show the lead car and the limo turning on elm. Greer mistakes the service road in front of the TSBD for Elm and once he realizes his mistake he turns hard left to narrowly miss the curb. Once the shooting starts they say that you can see a bullet hit the top corner of the Stemmons Freeway sign sending debris flying. I wonder if JFK was possibly hit from some of this debris and shouts "I'm hit!" which Kellerman said he heard the President say in his thick Boston accent. Viewers of this unaltered film also say that there is sign
  2. I just listened to 6 hours plus of Doug Horne talking about the assassination and coverup on YouTube earlier today and loved every minute of it, lol! Good stuff!
  3. I can't exactly answer the question the OP asked but I do know one thing...........the plotters of the assassination SEVERELY underestimated the response by a small minority of people. Look at it from their perspective.......they controlled the government after the coup was carried out, they controlled the investigation of the crime and they controlled the media. They correctly assumed that the media would fall in line and those who wouldn't could be taken care of. Was just listening to a documentary on the Warren Comission just yesterday and they really thought that no one would really read t
  4. In response to an earlier question about the limo almost hitting the curb.........this is something that occured during the turn onto Elm. The extant Z film does not show the turn onto Elm. This could be one of the reasons they removed the frames of the limo turning onto Elm. Zapruder always said that once he started filming that he didn't stop until the assassination was over and the limo passed by. Yet in the extant Z film he started recording the first vehicles then stops and doesn't start back recording until the limo was well down Elm Street nearing the Stemmons Freeway sign. A handful of
  5. GDM, yet another one of those unfortunate souls that committed "suicide" just before testifying to the HSCA. I hope ya'll pick up the sarcasm in that statement, lol! Sometimes stories appear in books and become official legend to the research community, so I'm asking the more informed if that story is true about how the housekeeper was recording her soap operas she was gonna miss while out running an errand on a tape recorder and it picked up the gunshot that did George in and that shortly after the shot you can hear the door creep open slowly and then slowly close with the click of the bolt b
  6. Several people had spotted a man in a brown suit coat on the 6th floor. Wonder if this could be the same guy? Only thing is that the man on the 6th floor had glasses on. BWF didn't mention any glasses so maybe it's not the same guy. Also, if it was a station wagon could it be the elusive Nash Rambler wagon that picks up Oswald spotted by Roger Craig?
  7. I just finished The Lonestar Speaks and if I remember correctly he had just recalled after all of those years that he did see Lee leaving the TSBD. Let me look up the exact text........"Recently, Frazier shared a detail he had forgotten for decades. As he stood at the corner of Elm and Houston, he glanced up and saw Oswald walk from behind the Depository, cross Houston street, and proceed south." This was after he saw Shelley and Lovelady run to the underpass where those two encountered Gloria Calvary in which they changed direction following the crowds towards the railroad tracks. Frazier and
  8. But even with Garrison, at least on the micro level, we know that Dean Andrews and Clay Shaw had met with people and tried to get them to take Garrison out. Whether they were just acting on their own self interests or had authorization from higher ups I don't know. Each time this case is investigated, though still a whitewash, it gets better and better. From the Warren Comission to the HSCA to the ARRB (if you wanna call that an investigation). Hopefully if we were to get another official inquiry it will shed even more light. I'm not expecting the truth to "officially" come out EVER. I'm actua
  9. With all due respect, what's more high profile than the President? Lol! And not saying definitively that he was disposed of but look at the case of Hale Boggs. Something could have been done like that or like Hoffa where he just disappeared. I mean, they don't have to shoot you down in the street like they did Kennedy. They could have found a more discreet way to kill JFK, but they wanted it to be brutal to send a message. It wasn't just business, it was personal even though most of their animosity was more towards Bobby. Anyway, besides just disappearing, how many heart attacks, suicides and
  10. I disagree.........I do agree that if he hadn't left he would've conducted the investigation like it should have been conducted. However, I do believe that if he remained steadfast in that endeavor and was accomplishing anything despite all the stonewalling and government resistance then I am pretty certain we wouldn't be seeing an R.I.P. from him now. He almost certainly would've met one of the untimely deaths pretty common in this case.
  11. Alot of the same names keep popping up over and over in this case and many of them just lead right back to Texas, lol! There is a picture you can find online if you Google it of Prescott Bush and Richard Nixon, I believe it was in 1947 if I remember correctly, and a young Jack Ruby is behind them. It is known that Jack Ruby was an informant for Nixon back then when Nixon was on the House Committee of Unamerican Activities or whatever it was called. I believe it was Roger Stone who said that Ruby was an LBJ man and was reccomended to Nixon by LBJ. From the Bay Of Pigs to Watergate and beyond yo
  12. Reading that article, McCord kinda stuck out to me as a possible saboteur. If this was a setup as many feel it was. If I'm remembering correctly McCord was the one who convinced them not to abort the mission after the initial tape had been removed. He was the one who said he had removed the tape the last time when he had not. Once they were discovered he was trying to tell them it was ok, nothing was out of the ordinary. He seems to be the obvious fishy one in this scenario to me.
  13. In the book The Lonestar Speaks they have identified a guy named Jim Bolden as the abort team member nicknamed Gator.
  14. I've often wondered just what would've happened had Frazier and Oswald been in a car accident on their way to work that morning and either died or been hospitalized. There was ZERO chance that JFK was leaving Dallas alive that day! I'm sure they didn't put all of their eggs in one basket with Oswald and did have other patsies lined up, but not sure about some of those mentioned. It definitely would not have been quite as easy of a sell had it been someone other than Oswald. The fact that he had lived in the Soviet Union and had been arrested handing out pro-Castro leaflets as well as his suppo
  15. Yes, Ron, I agree, it was a VERY different time! Although I wouldn't be born until 1978 I've always had a passion for history and I've ALWAYS thought myself that these men were told exactly what to say or what the FBI or DPD or the Warren Comission wanted to hear. I know as well that reading about or hearing from grandparents how things were back then isn't the same as seeing and hearing it with your own two eyes. In an older thread about Charles Givens I had posted something I ran across on the Mary Ferrell website. I can't remember exactly who had said it, I think it was a reporter from a lo
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