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  1. I have posted nothing but factual information on this forum, yet moderators like Kathy Beckett would much rather support fascism and propaganda than the facts surrounding the the murder of President Kennedy.

    I have received praise from titans in the assassination research community, for the meticulously researched comments I have posted on this forum, from the likes of Paul BrancatoJames DiEugenioLarry Hancock, & Bill Simpich, to name a few.

    I let this retort truly be the last thing I post on the Education Forum, and let it be a word of warning:

     To those who love facts, and hunger for justice to rain down on the fascist pigs who murdered President John F. Kennedy, Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Robert F. Kennedy, Fredrick Allen Hampton, Walter Philip Reuther, Ruben Salazar, John Winston Ono Lennon & hundreds of other revolutionary leaders and freedom fighters that were surgically targeted and murdered trying to better life on Earth —


  2. John Winston Ono Lennon was a true freedom fighter. That's why he was murdered. And CIA Operación 40 assassin José Joaquin Sanjenís “Felix” Perdomo (cryptonym “AMOT-2”) pulled the trigger. One of the last overtly political things John Lennon did before he was murdered in 1980, was donate thousands of dollars to Paul Krassner's magazine "The Realist", so Mae Brussell could print her research into the connections real World War II-era Nazis had to the murder of President Kennedy! Truly consider that fact for a moment, and let it sink in. John Lennon donated thousands of
  3. It is absolutely preposterous that FBI special agent Robert M. Barrett could not get his own whereabouts pinpointed for almost three decades, considering that Lt. Jack Revill, Paul M. Rothermel Jr., Sheriff J. E. "Bill" Decker, & Assistant Chief Don Stringfellow were all SA Barrett's confidential informants at one point or another! I mean, couldn't they get their lies, err, I mean, stories straight?!
  4. No problem, Mr. Burrows. It is depressing how the rhetoric and propaganda about "...non-state Russian hackers..." is being eaten up by the mass-media and the American public at large, as this gross-perversion of the red-baiting that was the crux of the "Cold War". Dave Emory (a man who I have butted heads with on may occasions) probably authored four of the best articles on the crypto-fascist insiders who may actually be behind all of the hacking of the United States infrastructure right now: https://spitfirelist.com/news/oh-what-tangled-webs-we-weev-ukraine-hacking-nukes-and-se
  5. Xi Jinping is a billionaire. Vladimir Putin is a billionaire. Regardless of the political nature of the Russian government or Chinese government during the "Cold War", they are no longer communist in nature, regardless of what those governments call each other. You cannot have rich people in a communist society. End of story! You'd figure a graduate of the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service would be able to figure that out.
  6. You're most welcome, sir! And a happy new year to you as well!
  7. A few more books on the subject I would recommend would be the following: "The Pentagon's Brain: An Uncensored History of DARPA, America's Top-Secret Military Research Agency" by Annie Jacobsen "The CIA as Organized Crime: How Illegal Operations Corrupt America and the World" by Douglas Valentine "IBM and the Holocaust: The Strategic Alliance Between N a z i Germany and America's Most Powerful Corporation-Expanded Edition" by Edwin Black "The Imagineers of War: The Untold Story of DARPA, the Pentagon Agency That Changed the World" by Sharon Weinberger "RAND in South
  8. On that note, Mr. DiEugenio, I would highly recommend the book "Surveillance Valley: The Secret Military History of the Internet" by Yasha Levine. It goes into deep detail about the original use of the "ARPANET" in Vietnam. To think, Edward Geary Lansdale used it as computer program to strategically target and assassinate thousands of innocent human beings by building electronic "meta-data" dossiers on them (kind of like modern day social media does). And Department of the Navy Deputy Director of the Office of Special Operations William Hermann Godel, apparently used the same co
  9. Fascinating! So you were an insolent, red-baiting, goose-stepping, Reich-wing provocateur way back before you helped create the Gehlen Org-front organization "Young Americans for Freedom"? No wonder Everette Howard Hunt Jr. and his CIA-front Robert Mullen Company goons reached out to you during the Watergate episode, you had been doing work like that since you were a kid! And in the French Quarter, no less? Ground zero for the "Legión Extranjera Anticomunista del Caribe" terrorist organization of fascist's Colonel Orlando Piedra and William Guy Banister. That, and the
  10. The following is from pages 467-468 of Glen Yeadon & John Hawkins' heavily footnoted "The N a z i Hydra in America: Suppressed History of a Century" QUOTE— "... During 1941, the OSS stationed Fellers in Cairo. While there to observe the British North African campaign, he broadcast reports to his superiors using the black code. The Italians had broken the black code and within minutes of Feller's transmissions, Rommel knew the position of British forces and their battle plan. Once the Allies discovered the breach in security, the Army transferred Fellers briefly to the States before
  11. Here's to hoping E.T. will fire a sterilization ray into the next Republican National Convention, eh? 😉
  12. I'm sure that the thousands of United Nations military servicemen who were aimlessly slaughtered in the November-December 1950 retreat “Big Bug-Out" would have something else to say about Maj. Gen. Willoughby, Mr. Caddy. Of course, you can go to a search engine right now and type in "Charles Andrew Willoughby", and this is the first academic article written on the goon that shows up: https://thediplomat.com/2019/01/is-this-the-worst-intelligence-chief-in-the-us-armys-history/ Is This the Worst Intelligence Chief in the US Army’s History? Charles Willoughby, General Dougl
  13. Actually Mr. Brancato, we are devolving back to the 1920's, back to the "First Red Scare", which was initiated by fascists like COL. John Edgar Hoover, Brig. Gen. Robert Elkington Wood, COL. Robert Rutherford McCormick, & 1st Lt. Boris Lvovich Brasol... Yes, I, as a scholar of the far-right in the United States, constantly get referred to as a "Communist", yet, I do not understand the meaning of the use of the word. I mean, I have a bank account, I am a citizen of the United States, I do pay my taxes (unlike the Trump crime family), I am a combat veteran... How can I be a co
  14. Your welcome, Mr. Brancato, nor am I done, not by a longshot. And I apologize for losing my cool after the term "N a z i" got banned, but welcome to the world of political correctness. Some people (Mr. Caddy) can openly admire arch-fascists like Maj. Gen. Charles Andrew Willoughby, but I cannot type a historical term on a history forum?
  15. Alleged Soviet double-agent and United States Army 2nd Lt. Richard Case Nagell was purportedly a member of a clandestine counter-intelligence unit known as "Field Operations Intelligence", the brainchild of fascist-ideologue Maj. Gen. Charles Andrew Willoughby (a man, who in my humble opinion, coordinated elements of the plot to murder President Kennedy). Field Operations Intelligence supposedly came under the control of the Central Intelligence Agency. Here is a micro-synopsis of it's brief structural history:
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