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  1. Yeah, but then there's that whole cauliflower ear thing, and then you start to look like an idiot...
  2. Thank you for keeping things civil, Mr. Bulman—I appreciate it to no end.
  3. No problem. And yes, I hope that it shakes new life into the myopic pond-water state of affairs the "research community" finds itself bogged down in...
  4. Be careful Leslie, you are utilizing logic to fight a straw-man conclusion. You know the marching call around here is the battle-cry of Sgt. Schultz:
  5. I believe, based on what we know about Special Activities Division officer William A. Robertson's unredacted military service history, that he was providing the "mechanics" (meaning the shooter teams that actually fired shots at President Kennedy) with security intelligence support operations. You name it, you can have it, escape & evasion routes, physical security of the shooters, getaway drivers & vehicles, cover & deception for shooters (like cover stories & false identification), suicide devices (in case murder team members are captured), communication relays for shooter teams (and jamming equipment), etc.—this is the kind of coordination and support that SAD officer Robertson was providing to the mechanics that murdered President Kennedy. And I do not believe he was alone—I name off a small team of personnel that were in strategic positions within and without the intelligence community, that were also acting as coordinators in this plot. William Robertson was providing this type of function for commando teams on a global scale—that program was awarded the cryptonym ZRJEWEL.
  6. Well, Mr. Bauer, at the expense of sounding like an immediate disqualifier, I am of the belief that every single photograph, strip of film footage and audio-recording of the murder of President Kennedy, has been altered in some fashion by powerful interests that want to suppress some aspect of the operation or another—whether it be firing sequences, or the presence of some operative who got a little careless about operational security, and stood in front of a pedestrian's camera. As for AI recognition, I do believe it would be a brillant tool to not only identifying persons in and around the fire-zone of President Kennedy's murder, but also voice stressor technology. Techniques are being developed right now to sense whether or not someone is lying, based off of the tone, pitch and syntax of speech. That would be an invaluable resource, if we could say, funnel audio of District Attorney Henry Wade, Clay Shaw, or Mr. Oswald thru a series of filters, to see if the men were lying, based on the response of acoustic spectrometer analysis. Scary and fascinating times we live in, with technology like that at a civilian's fingertips...
  7. At the expense of looking like I am groping in the dark, I must admit that I place Maj. Bloomfield's name on this list as a matter of fleshing out the "battlespace" that the murders of President Kennedy operated within. That is to say, the superstructure of Western intelligence and how it operated in the time period leading up to the events of President Kennedy's murder. In terms of hard evidence, we, as researchers are forced to infer at the moment when it comes to Maj. Bloomfield. We know that he was an attorney for PERMINDEX (an entity identified in CIA documents as being a gargantuan front for arm-trading), where he specialized in covering-up the true motives of the corporate structure of PERMINDEX 's revolving door of WWII-era fascists & Western intelligence assets. It should be noted, that most of the researchers that dare look at Maj. Bloomfield, and see his connections to Israeli gun-running operations, think that he is some willing asset to the Mossad—this argument is a non-starter. Just because you sell weapons to a fledgling nation-state, does not mean you have any loyalties to that country, it just means you are an opportunistic worm, willing to make a buck wherever possible—enter stage right, Maj. Bloomfield. Once again, I would stress that until we get the final word on PERMINDEX , we will never get the full scope of their officer's goals and mission parameters. In the meantime, I choose to make highly informed estimates. In other words, I am forced into the realm of "educated guesses." So, to answer your question, Mr. Kowalski, I am up the creek until we, as a research community, are allowed to see all of the documents. We have barely begun to scratch the surface of what PERMINDEX was... When it comes to PERMINDEX, I would suggest the mind-numbing research of Edmund Burger and Michele Metta, then allow common sense to dictate your next move.
  8. I would have to come to the hard defense of this manifesto I put together by saying until kingdom come and the Almighty lays waste to all ignorance and hidden things, this list, at least on a cultural "superego" level, will have to do. With that said, I stand by what I have done here. If anything, it makes for a jolly-good horrorshow reflection of our national security state that such monsters were in strategic positions of power in 1963...
  9. No one "retires" from those liaisons—retirement documents in the intelligence community are just pieces of paper. There is no shedding of uniforms after a certain rank and time-in-service is accomplished—too much programming has taken place once you reach Colonel and above.
  10. Once again, you are striking the nail right on the head—only a microscopic minority of the people involved in the murder of President Kennedy ever knew the final product. That is the essence of a militarized covert action—the more persons involved who are simply following orders, the tighter the security around the knowledgeable conspirators becomes... ...soon, you have an army of personnel, all doing their little part, blissfully unaware that their actions are bringing about the overthrow of the very concept of democracy!
  11. What a nightmare scenario. My sincere condolences.
  12. We are all nuts. Who else would put their rear-ends on the line, and point-blank call out the corridors of military intelligence & corporatist networks for their darkest deeds? Bravery and stupidity are innate to one another, I have found. But I see your point.
  13. I'd have to agree with the premise of Mr. Swanson's article. "...an amorphous group of unelected corporate lawyers, bankers, and intelligence and military officials..." murdered the President of the United States. And it was extremely compartmentalized...
  14. It was a two-fold effect: 1. The assassins were conditioned to have no fear, feelings of remorse, or response to gore and viscera—trigger-men who would not hesitate when the moment of truth (murdering the President) made itself opportune. 2. The most comprised elements of the plot (coordinators, planners, shooters, etc.) could be conditioned to forget—that is to say, under interrogation, they literally could not reveal strategic information about the plot. This is why people like Richard M. Nixon and George H.W. Bush could not remember what they were doing that day—they opted not to remember.
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