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  1. There are some files available through this link but not all - Index of /Collection/White Materials (hood.edu) The Parent Directory doesn't seem to work.
  2. Izquierdo and others are written about here - Essay - The Wheaton Lead (maryferrell.org) Larry Hancock covers this and more in his new book - Tipping Point.
  3. Paul, I'm not sure what to make of Otepka. I do know he was associating with enemies of the Kennedys most of his "career." He was with an organization, can't remember the name off-hand, that had as its members - Robert Morris (see Larrie Schmidt and Loran Hall), Ray Rocca (JJA's assistant), Julian Sourwine, and more that I can't recall at this time. I think my brain might be full... 🙂
  4. Hi Paul, Otepka was associated with Julian Sourwine and his Senate Internal Security Subcommittee. Sourwine was involved with Operation Tilt along with William Pawley.
  5. Hey Ron, Here's Carr's Garrison testimony - showDoc.html (maryferrell.org) This is Carr's "reinterview" in Feb 1964 - showDoc.html (maryferrell.org) Carr's original statement. - https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=10730#relPageId=32
  6. Hey B.A., In late 1963, Hernandez became one of Rafael "Quintero's commandos" in Costa Rica/Nicaragua along with a few others that where at Lake Pontchartrain, LA. Hernandez and 8 others were exfiltrated "black" (Dec 9, 1963) and later needed their I-512s to get back in the US. Luis Sierra would later lead the commando group. In 1965 when the AMWORLD project was winding down, JMAVE Paramilitary officer Tom Clines approached Quintero and inquired whether any of these commandos had an interest in further work. The team would travel to other countries as needed. It appears that Hernandez (a
  7. Cliff, this whole doc is worth a close read. Hubbard said that Owen Darnell (ACSI source) also resembled the Bishop sketch. Veciana would stay at Darnell's apt in San Juan. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=148863#relPageId=16&tab=page I don't believe that Darnell was Bishop though. Phillips also thought the sketch looked like him (Phillips).
  8. For those you that like to see the raw data, here's some. Colonel Hubbard aka Patrick Harris, Veciana's ACSI handler- showDoc.html (maryferrell.org) Harris/Hubbard - showDoc.html (maryferrell.org) DOD files - 180-10104-10394.tif (theblackvault.com) showDoc.html (maryferrell.org) Autoboat - showDoc.html (maryferrell.org) Veciana's boat - showDoc.html (maryferrell.org) ACSI asset Modesto Orozco. Doc is from Ted Shackley (Andrew Reuteman pseudo) Notice that "Torres" was working for the Pentagon. Was this Bernado de Torres? showDoc.html (maryferrell.org)
  9. Dr John Newman - The CIA, the Army, and the Pentagon: The Veciana Misdirection 3.0 - YouTube
  10. And Kent was keeping an eye on Jim Garrison during his investigation. This was from 1967. Notice that Bolling was under cover as a member of the DOD. Kent's cover is still redacted. Oh, and Bill Boxley aka William Wood is listed here also. e. Miss Gertrude Nagel?
  11. William Kent referred to Oswald as a useful idiot. Kent worked with and for David Phillips when they both were with the Cuba Project (BOP). Later in 1963 Kent appears to have been assigned TDY to JMWAVE where he supervised George Joannides.
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