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  1. One way of looking at this (LHO) is that he and his handlers piggybacked on an existing operation. This would have, and did, caused a major coverup of the Mexico City ops. And in that world of coincidences, we find Tony Sforza visiting David Phillips in Mexico City 11/22-23. You'd think he had better things to do. 104-10075-10179: JMWAVE CABLE CONCERNING MARITIME EXFIL OF HEADQUARTERS ASSET 11/22/63: cable WAVE 8065 from WAVE to Director, slugline DYVOUR PBRUMEN: On 11/22, CIA maritime officer John Tilton was involved in the attempted exfiltration of AMCANOE-3 from Cuba, one of the most sensitive operations going, called off due to "heavy seas". On 11/22, the story is that Henry Sloman/Tony Sforza leaves WAVE this day to meet with AMHALF-2. "Henry J. Sloman arriving Mexi 22 Nov order meet with AMHALF-2. WAVE expecting priority message, *concerning maritime exfil of Headquarters asset, in NIEXIT pouch which presumably will arrive MEXI 22 Nov. Sloman will contact Choaden (Phillips) by phone either at station or home 23 Nov arrange pick up any material NIEXIT-3 may have received 22 Nov." (Note: AMCANOE-3 killed by Cuban government by Jan. 1964. Bill Simpich, State Secret, Conclusion).
  2. Every member of the Cuban and Russian diplomatic staff, and those that supported them, were targets of recruitment. If I remember right, the CIA had already successfully recruited 14 assets. The preferred option was to recruit in place and therefore have a continuous source of old and new information. Mexico City COS Winston Scott was putting pressure on staff to recruit Eusibio Azcue before he was re-assigned back to Cuba on October 4, 1963 and thus out of reach. So, who was tasked with recruiting Azcue? Jose CASAS, AMOT-106. CASAS had previously worked closely with Tony Sforza and Emilio Rodriguez in Cuba. Sforza recruited his old friend CASAS who now lived in the US to make another late pitch to Azcue. For a good background on this, read Bill Simpich's State Secret, Chapter 3. State Secret Chapter3 (maryferrell.org)
  3. Northwoods never totally went away. Various Oplans , Ref 2 contained "contrived incidents." showDoc.html (maryferrell.org)
  4. Some extracts from Tipping Point: Ultimately when both Sforza and Rodriguez were themselves taken out of Cuba in the summer of 1961, they were moved into foreign intelligence positions at JMWAVE. Rodriguez's personnel file suggests that there was a special need to protect his identity because in addition to JMWAVE office access, he also performed covert activities outside the office. [ 269 ] Both men received CIA intelligence medals for their work inside Cuba, indicating an outstanding level of performance – especially for Rodriguez as he was only a contract employee during that service. [ 270 ] Given Emilio's family connections to New Orleans, including to individuals actually having been in personal contact with Lee Oswald, it is virtually certain that he was given information about Oswald's sudden appearance in New Orleans and Oswald's very public support of the Castro regime. If true, that would mean that by the end of summer, 1963 Oswald was not only known to JMWAVE though DRE reporting and to DRE case officers, but very likely to foreign intelligence and Cuban Intelligence Service (AMOT) personnel at JMWAVE. ...Rodriquez was himself active in counter intelligence field work. He was authorized to establish a residential cover in New York City and traveled there frequently during 1962 and 1963, in support of efforts against the Cuban staff at the United Nations. [ 272 ] He was given a cover as a consultant in electronics and electrical systems and due to the nature of his work was granted a Top Secret security clearance. While speculative, it is also possible that he traveled to New Orleans to build a dossier on Oswald and evaluate him from a counter intelligence perspective. Which leads to the speculation that the knowledge of Oswald, as a highly visible Fair Play for Cuba advocate and self-proclaimed head of an FPCC chapter, might well have played directly into the intelligence activities of JMWAVE in the fall of 1963. Specifically, both Oswald (or simply his "identity") held potential value for tasks being undertaken by Tony Sforza (AMRYE-1) who led the Cuban intelligence effort at JMWAVE, Emilio Rodriquez (AMIRE-1) the foreign intelligence officer assigned to counter intelligence work targeting Cuban diplomats, and David Phillips (newly assigned to SAS and tasked with propaganda efforts against the FPCC across Latin America). The tasks for all three individuals would have included Cuban targets in Mexico City.
  5. Emilio (AMIRE-1) was one of the principles of the "Stay Behind Network" that literally stayed in Cuba after the American Embassy was abandoned and continued to stay after the Bay of Pigs. Other members were Warren Frank (AMPARCH-1), Tony Sforza (AMRYE-1) and James O'Mailia (AMCRACKLE-1). Emilio was recruited by Henry Hecksher while in Havana. Hecksher was using the pseudonym of Nelson Raynock. John Newman covers the Stay Behind Network in Into the Storm. From John Newman's article - Antonio Veciana, Mystery Man in JFK Assassination, Part 1 - WhoWhatWhy Joe Melton’s Training Program for Veciana. While the CIA was laying the groundwork for Emilio Rodriguez to take over Dave Phillips’ propaganda operations in Cuba, the final chapter in Veciana’s 1959 notional Phillips scenario was unfolding. According to Trained to Kill, on approximately 30 October, the notional Phillips directed Veciana to return to the building where he had been polygraphed by Joe Melton and to come up to an office in a suite occupied by the “Cuban Mining Company.” Veciana got the name wrong but it was a mining company — the Moa Bay Mining Company.31 Veciana also noticed that a Berlitz Language School was on the first floor. The Berlitz school was run by Drexel Gibson. Veciana went up to the sixth floor and rang the bell. The notional Phillips and Melton ushered him into a small vestibule inside and closed the door.32
  6. Ha! I do have my orders. lol With Arnesto's brother Emilio, you now have a direct link to JMWAVE. Emilio was in the FI (Foreign Intelligence) section. He was under deep cover and would travel to most of Latin America, sometimes Europe, and occasionally to the UN. His main task was to recruit Government assets. Mostly Cuban diplomats. His supervisor evaluated him as one of the top 2-3 in his position and wrote that he could fill any CI (Counter Intelligence) or CA (Covert Action) role. Here's some background on Emilio by John Newman and Alan Kent - 2017 JFK Document Release Shows Former Intelligence Analyst Got It Right - WhoWhatWhy Carlos Bringuier and Arnesto attending a JBS meeting. - https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=81679#relPageId=2
  7. One of the subjects that is covered in Tipping Point is the Rodriguez brothers - Arnesto (sometimes spelled Ernesto) and Emilio. Both have roles in the Oswald story. Arnesto was a close friend of Carlos Bringuier and an acquaintance of Oswald. Oswald had approached Arnesto about learning Spanish at the Berlitz School of Languages in New Orleans. Arnesto hoped to keep his connection with Oswald quiet. Unfortunately his mother-in-law outed him and told authorities in Mexico City that "Ernesto" had tape recordings of Oswald. Arnesto was also and FBI informant reporting to SA Warren DeBrueys. His friend Carlos Bringuier was also an FBI informant. Arnesto claimed that LHO had only approached him about learning Spanish but I suspect that the relationship was a bit more extensive than that much like his contacts with Carlos. Two of the more puzzling entries in Oswald's notebook were the names and addresses of Lincoln Rockwell (American N*zi Party) and Dan Burros (American National Party). Rockwell was fairly well known, was a friend of Guy Bannister and had visited New Orleans. One of Rockwell's supporters in New Orleans was Arnesto Rodriguez. It isn't too much of a leap to speculate that Arnesto and Oswald had talked about both Rockwell and Burros. Arnesto was also involved in acquiring weapons and was working with the local National Guard. This is an interesting doc. Was Capt Scholl working for the CIA or Army Intel? Bringuier has sign from Arnesto https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=95624#relPageId=65 Arnesto and Bringuier with tape and transcript of LHO and Butler https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=10490#relPageId=542 William Turner interview. ER was leader of the anti-Arcacha group https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=197034#relPageId=11
  8. There are some files available through this link but not all - Index of /Collection/White Materials (hood.edu) The Parent Directory doesn't seem to work.
  9. Izquierdo and others are written about here - Essay - The Wheaton Lead (maryferrell.org) Larry Hancock covers this and more in his new book - Tipping Point.
  10. Paul, I'm not sure what to make of Otepka. I do know he was associating with enemies of the Kennedys most of his "career." He was with an organization, can't remember the name off-hand, that had as its members - Robert Morris (see Larrie Schmidt and Loran Hall), Ray Rocca (JJA's assistant), Julian Sourwine, and more that I can't recall at this time. I think my brain might be full... 🙂
  11. Hi Paul, Otepka was associated with Julian Sourwine and his Senate Internal Security Subcommittee. Sourwine was involved with Operation Tilt along with William Pawley.
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