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  1. Thanks for sharing your experiences, Joe. Quite an experience. Your son sounds an interesting guy.
  2. It seems to an outsider, that Putin is gradually achieving his ambition to split the United States the way the Soviet Union was split in the late 1900's. Putin's dog will do anything his master tells him to do.
  3. If they found a piece of paper in his pocket, why didn't they find the shells that were allegedly there?
  4. "Yes, He's an idiot with zero common sense, and no social skills, but he Is my son. I just hope he never gets into politics. He'd be a disaster. (Donald J. Trumps mother]
  5. Wonderful idea, Joseph. I have long been a supporter of the fact that Sirhan was not the slayer of RFK. Although not an American taxpayer, I shall be writing a letter asking the parole board for some mercy for a wronged man. Justice must be seen to be done .
  6. Don't worry Trump isn't finished yet. Watch him construct a military problem in January, which will mean he has to call out a National Emergency. Trouble is, he doesn't realise that Biden will still take over at 12 pm on the 20th January.
  7. Thanks, Steve. I've never seen that before, and will be passing it on to my Grandchildren.
  8. David, I don't know if you ever saw this clip of Billy Connolly discussing incontinence trousers. Enjoy.
  9. And the Trump knuckle draggers aren't? You would have to be unhinged to support a lying, fornicating, misogynistic, cheating braggart. What planet are you living on?
  10. Please show your evidence that it is bogus nonsense.
  11. Thought it was a great book. Gives more then enough evidence to show that RFK was not assassinated by Sirhan.
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