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  1. Great comments, Sandy, with , which I totally agree.Well said.
  2. KFC have introduced a new menu item, called Chicken Hawley. It's consists of chicken legs, but nobody knows what they taste like 'cos they keep running away off the plate.
  3. Posted for people like Ben who may have missed the presentation last night, in order that they might make their own minds up, instead of getting somebody else's opinion. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48HH4LVn07g
  4. I wonder if it will hit home with the people who believe it, Doug. I doubt it though, very much.
  5. Tribe expects violence if Trump is indicted. AS opposed to....? Great cheering from the majority of the populace and fireworks, a la the 4th, countrywide.
  6. He was, Dave. Depends on what you call inside the building. Is being at the the top of the steps considered to be inside the building?Or do you consider, that he was outside the building? Was he looking OUT of the building from the top of the steps or not? Semantics is such great fun.
  7. Karl, the camera didn't need a separate key to wind it up. It had a built in lever at the side of it that you used to wind it up.
  8. In regard to the Minox in custody, who was responsible for filling it with some substance (?) to stop the opening and identifying the source?
  9. Rather apt that friendship was mis-spelled as "FIENDSHIP">
  10. In your opinion, in the photo, John, does the "rear" windscreen slope forward (i.e. the top of the windscreen faces South)or backward (i.e. the top of the windscreen faces North) ?
  11. I agree, a case of seeing what you want too see.LOL No explanation of the difference in the construction of the top of the car.
  12. Thanks, Chris. Nice to see someone with superior skills posting.
  13. Disagree, John, but then that's what the forum is all about. Compare the lines of the two roof supports. (Shown in yellow) No matter what your perspective is, they go in totally different directions..
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