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  1. Just in passing, I remember reading some years ago that Weitzman's daughter said that he believed for the remainder of his life that it was a Mauser not a Mannlicher that was found. Sorry can't remember where I read it, but it is on line somewhere.
  2. Funny that the C.I.A. is in the word conspiracy. ConspIrAcy Just co-incidence, Tracy?
  3. Sorry, Doug, not available to us on this side of the pond.
  4. Simple. She appears to be wearing high heels in the crop from the Allen photo above. She mentions it in the film I cant remember the name of so that's a weakness Sorry to disagree with you, John, but you are mistaken, Mary is wearing "flatties" not high heels, in the Allen photo. What makes you think that she is wearing high heels?
  5. Ron, it looks like the left shoe of somebody, and it can't be the guy who is above Jackie. He would have to be a contortionist. (Unless the shoe was "painted " in)
  6. Eddy, the Z film shows the limo already several yards past where the limos was supposed to have hit the kerb. (Frame 134)Maybe one of the reasons for the alterations the film itself.
  7. Shermer quotes Posner and Bugliosi as books which tells the truth. Shows his lack of judgement. Perhaps somebody should have asked Shermer if the low jacket entrance lined up with the throat wound.
  8. Sorry Mr Parnell but academia and the media just fell in line with the official version and both sides knew on which side their respective bread was buttered.
  9. Thanks for sharing your experiences, Joe. Quite an experience. Your son sounds an interesting guy.
  10. It seems to an outsider, that Putin is gradually achieving his ambition to split the United States the way the Soviet Union was split in the late 1900's. Putin's dog will do anything his master tells him to do.
  11. If they found a piece of paper in his pocket, why didn't they find the shells that were allegedly there?
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