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    Leeds. It’s grim up North.
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    The endless puzzle that is the JFKA, vintage Star Wars figures (‘77-‘83), classic cars (70’s on), brutalist architecture, being lazy & going on holiday.

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  1. Is that the bag atop an open roll of brown wrapping paper? Amazing. At least the office boy got a chance to squeeze in a quick nap….
  2. I once heard a story about a lawyer type who spent a lot of time and energy trying to dishonour and discredit a person over what was basically a theory. It caused much hilarity.
  3. Was there earlier this year, seeing Deer in peoples suburban front gardens was a hoot. Nice seafront houses
  4. Don’t understand what argument you’re trying to instigate here?
  5. Cripes, don’t encourage him, I do this on a iPhone and my thumb goes into spasms getting past his guff….
  6. I think logic prevails here…. LBJ was 6’3” or 1.92m tall Rufus was also tall drink of water… Lyndon, Ladybird & Ralph sat at intimate distance…. in a rear seat for two. I’m 6’1” and have committed enough vehicular buffoonery to know that Rufus clambering over his seat to throw Lyndon to the floor would have been a gold plated comedy classic. With Ladybird probably receiving some form of facial injury.
  7. Statistics don’t lie. Better get your jumpsuits ordered boys. Uh huh huh.
  8. If the 030 label was non removable it was indicating serial/model no.,quality control, place/date of manufacture. Inside info for the factory? The B9738 ticket was simply to match the customer’s stub? A thru 9999, B thru 9999 etc.? isn’t it that simple?
  9. Yeah - good research, bad conclusion. Seem to remember the parts about JD’s early life, family etc. were a bit romantic and fluffy. Good read. Bought it for a pretty penny, then the dog chewed it up. Think he was trying to tell me something….
  10. are you sure he wasn’t reading his own book? sillier things have happened
  11. Culled from The Guardian. WTF? Which jacket is this? Could be a prop I suppose…
  12. In depth research beats Warren Commission regurgitation every time. Great post.
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