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  1. I think Devil’s advocates are a necessity in debates- I always enjoyed reading DVP’s & JMcA’s opinions and rebukes- sometimes they were right, more often wrong, but it was good to read an intelligent well written argument- hear two sides of the story, weigh up the facts and make a personal decision on the matter being debated. But….JC, your rebukes and rebuttals seem to be solely aimed at JB and have a personal, bullying edge with no rational argument to opinion- just a sneering put down. I’m interested in your opinions and arguments no-everyone’s opinions and arguments, but as DJ says, you don’t offer any? just sayin what I see….
  2. Stabilised and a wee bit grainy, but Jackies right hand seems to slide, not grab? Inconclusive I think. No probs,John B, found it on google images
  3. Probably not. But JMcA would be spinning, DVP would be back on his KFC fryers (would you like fries with that sir?), and Posner would have to refund his royalties. And have his face put back to normal. Good luck
  4. In the Main performed by Dr.Elm-er Fudd and err…..err….errrr……Dr.C.Ommerce!!! Knew I’d get there in the end.
  5. Still non the wiser. Is Jackie- reaching for matter? Having a knee jerk reaction to escape the horror? Or the victim of creative Zediting?
  6. …..and explains what Jackie was reaching for
  7. Wow. That’s a healthy tome - I speed read it and feel like I’ve run a mile! Sciencey n technical. Call me old fashioned but I’m not really into the Z film alteration (or JA’s H&L), but always give attention when it’s debated, open to persuasion, just not persuaded yet. So there was matter on the trunk but it may have been edited out? So as not to support a front shot? (Which I do subscribe to!)
  8. I just can’t see any sign of brain/skull matter in the area Jackie reaches for? I can see the two antennas and what maybe a landscape reflection running from Clint’s hand toward Jackie. Not a very conspirational affair, just bugging me.
  9. Philby,Burgess,Blunt et al disgust me, make my blood boil in fact. Traitorous scum of the highest order.
  10. Wow. Never heard this before, very interesting, well researched! So did Crafard actually resemble Oswald? Seen only one pic and it’s a very slight resemblance
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