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  1. Next to the man wearing a velvet evening glove doing a poopoo salute? She maybe shielding her eyes from the sun, unclear
  2. Surely Roger C can’t be dismissed as a kook? In ‘2 men in Dallas’ he comes across as cool, calm and earnest with nothing to gain from his testimony. In fact he lost a lot from it… But he doesn’t mention the Mauser in his WC testimony, was 8 feet away from Boone discovering the weapon, with the event filmed by Alyea, including JC Day dusting a MC!!?? Genuinely puzzled
  3. Gil, great piece, I’m with you. Do you think a Mauser was ever on site? Roger C was convinced and he seemed to be a good egg and Seymour W agreed then didn’t….
  4. It was reported two colleagues of Captain James Young discovered a ‘spent misshapen bullet’ whilst looking for skull fragments in the limo at Bethesda. Could this bullet have travelled through JBC only to spend itself on the driver/rear passenger divider? That’s my rear shot theory, or half of it... Because what I can’t explain is how the wrist/thigh shot (SW window) left only what was described as a ‘puncture wound’ in JBC’s thigh....similar to JFK’s back wound. That only leaves.......ice bullets. There, I said it.
  5. Could Connally’s back & chest wounds have originated from the rear (Dal Tex etc.), with his wrist and thigh wounds coming from the SW window? This could add credence to the SW window & multiple gunshot witnesses
  6. Ron, what a great piece of research your link leads to, someone really has plumbed the depths of freeway/signage research-with some new (to me) pics thrown in too! Amazing, thanks for sharing
  7. Yes,it looks like Stemmons hasn’t been built in Robin’s pic. You’re right Joe, bent security approved the route- there’s too much foliage, shadows and escape routes galore around the kill zone. I expect not many onlookers were anticipated too as it was the end of the crowd pleasing drive-by before they hit the freeway. Why not use Elm in its totality or cut across from Main higher up.
  8. Joe, looks like the divider was always there. It seems to extend beyond the access to the freeway-although it’s hardly an obstacle. That’s why I had to back down on my groundbreaking historic discovery! McAdams (rip) beats me this time.....but I’ll be back
  9. Oops false alarm,my mistake, Stemmons access would involve the illegal, undignified crossing of the pictured divider.
  10. Not too sure the motorcade had to go down Elm to access Stemmons...... Apologies if this is old news! pic courtesy of street view absolute nonsense courtesy Mc Adams
  11. David, K&K is a testament to tireless investigation and have used it many times to further my understanding as I’m sure thousands of others have worldwide. When asking for directions to your M.C. theory I thought an E.forum thread was being recommended and no doubt came across as an JFK Assassinoobie who’s seen Orville Stone’s JFK three times and nearly finished Crossfire..d’oh! Joking aside, I’ve never really got my head round the M.C. episode, there’s a lot of jiggery pokery and conflicting witness testimony. Sometimes you need someone else’s theory to buy into to smooth the path to enlightenment - as Larry’s has helped solve my Prayerman problem. I’ve put that one to bed now! I look forward to studying your version of events. ....gotta finish Crossfire first tho.....
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