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  1. Those are known as a badge of honor. Mr.Larsen could have saved some money.
  2. I could be way off base here & I probably am,but don't they have cameras that magicians use to use in slow motion of them catching a bullet in there mouth. Isn't there a camera out there that could show the bullets hitting JFK in super slow mo?
  3. Every bit of law enforcement,agencies or departments were LBJ's whipping boys.
  4. Excellent research indeed. Have you ever considered the Bermuda Triangle phenomenon?
  5. Well,I have been away from the forum and did not know that. Thanks for reposting Vince.I find this a big deal.
  6. If a person was to choose to begin training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu,he would have to pay $199.00 per month. If a person was to choose to begin training in Muay Thai,he would have to pay $169.00 a month. That is not even including the $75.00 enrollment fee. Solid offer IMO.
  7. I think I see Gordon Arnold & the Secret Service imposter also.
  8. I'm under the assumption that Dave is now just here to keep a pulse on the CT's and drive traffic to his website.
  9. My $.02 cents Unless Madeline Brown was a scorn lover,the meeting at Clint Murchinson's went over all of the details the night before the parade.
  10. For the record Pat, I feel the same way about David Lifton....disappointed. There is barely any legitimate evidence in this case.
  11. I believe that at least some were not taken in the Bethesda morgue,but on the Bethesda compound.Something like a veterinary morgue. Good thread.
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