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  1. Thanks for the contribution Vince. I`m not the one in the comments section on your Youtube video asking the question about being there early in the black Cadillac.
  2. I have since backed off of the possibility that Robinson was one of the men in a white smock.According to Doug Horne,Robinson drove to Bethesda at a high rate of speed with the mahogany casket and Hagan.While Hagan states that he went to Bethesda with Gawler and got there around midnight. Maybe they drove the shipping casket there first & maybe Hagan returned to Gawler`s only to leave again later that night only this time with the actual mahogany casket & Gawler? Read both of their statements & tell me what you think. Tom Robinson`s https://www.history-matters.com/ar
  3. Lawrence, We will have to agree to disagree.I don`t claim to know where the coffin switch happened,but it had to of had taken place.Remember that X-ray technician Jerrol Custer said that he was in the process of taking some x-rays of JFK to be developed when he seen Jackie & company arrive at the hospital.
  4. Going over the Meeting Report of Tom Robinson & Joe Hagen that`s on History Matters parts of their report don`t match up.It was a summary of the report by someone on the ARRB. Back to the drawing board.
  5. Well,it looks like Robinson & Hagan did drive a casket to Bethesda,but it contained the Marcellus mahogany casket.No specific time was mentioned by Robinson only that "they got there early before the chest incision." That`s if Robinson is telling the truth about everything ^^^ I wonder where the SS got the black Cadillac from? It had to of come from a funeral home in the area. It would be interesting to me if Gawler`s did in fact,own a black hearse.
  6. Why thank you Micah for the contribution.I`m going to read it now & also go over Robinson`s ARRB statement.
  7. I`ve always wondered who was in the black Cadillac that delivered the shipping casket in the rear of the Bethesda morgue?Reports were that there were men in suits that were probably federal agents and the driver & passenger were wearing white smocks.Now a mortician might be one that would arrive ready to go wearing a white smock. We do know that he was there early along with Ed Reed possibly witnessing a pre autopsy autopsy. Maybe the black Cadillac belonged to Gawler`s funeral home that Robinson worked for? So I wonder.... could he have been one of the men wearing a white s
  8. I hope that this works on this forum.It worked on a different forum that I belong to.I hope that it`s relevent to this thread.You might want to skip to around the 4 minute mark.It is an important interview with Administrative Assistant Dennis David who was present at JFK`s autopsy. https://www.spreaker.com/user/thelonegunman/ep-30-dennis-david?tab=messages&utm_medium=widget&utm_source=user%3A7336374&utm_term=messages_button
  9. Does anybody know what happened to Doug Horne`s Hollywood 7 and their findings?
  10. Good observation.I didn`t even think to subtract the doctors & technicians.
  11. Oh my.I knew I recognized those pants that Ozzy was wearing because I went to that concert with my cousin and best friend Steve in 1983.It was the US Festival at Glen Helen Park in San Bernadino Ca.There was over 300,000 fans that day.
  12. I wish that I would have read the names on the list before I posted that information because it looks like they spelled John H Stover name wrong also.Here is a more complete list taken from Wiki. Personnel present during autopsy[edit] List of personnel present at various times during the autopsy, with official function, taken from the Sibert-O'Neill report list, the HSCA list[26] and attorney Vincent Bugliosi, author of Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Non-medical personnel from law-enforcement/security John J. O'Leary: Secret Serv
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