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  1. New document releases 2017

    Would we expect the Cultural Attache to have had any encounters with the individual identified as Oswald on 9/27? And on that same page above he reports that Duran confirmed the Visa visit. I was going through these reports last night and I just come away thinking, what was this all for? Obviously in the midst of the Cold War these people thought they were doing their part to take down the monstrous USSR and it's Communist brethren. But in the end the information gleaned from the extensive surveillance operations around the Globe, and Mexico City in particular, amounted to a hill of beans. It's truly hard to fathom the amount of time and energy that went into these colossal intelligence gathering efforts and in the highest profile investigation ever undertaken they are shown by the historical record to be little more than Keystone Cops. Whether that was actually the case or a gigantic ruse is a worthy debate and the MEXI Station should really face much more scrutiny on this front. Alberu does have some interesting observations of Azcue, Mirabal, and Duran in early November 63 though.
  2. Witten's report on Oswald in Mexico just released

    I base my opinions on common sense in this matter and am not casting aspersions on anyone. Nobody was being granted travel to/through/or around Cuba when taking the course of action exhibited by the individual who frequented the Cuban and Russian embassies on 9/27/1963. I say "individual" because I can allow for a scenario where Oswald was impersonated from the get-go in Mexico. However, I'm not ready to go down the rabbit hole where the CIA has the chutzpah and the means to falsify foreign documents from a government who happens to be an avowed adversary, whose original copies they have no control over, and who would then "play along" again in 1978 (and to this present day) when they produced a different page/copy of the same document package.
  3. Witten's report on Oswald in Mexico just released

    George, I don't follow your logic with regards to the existing documents. The WC received photos of Cuban documents. If they then altered these photographs and published them, wouldn't Castro/Cuba jump at the opportunity to embarrass the United States and their sham investigation. I'm truly baffled by the suggestion that it "really doesn't matter" to the Cuban Gov't whether their documents were forged or falsified as depicted in the Warren Report volumes. And the idea that Cuba actually did grant Oswald a Visa is ludicrous.
  4. Witten's report on Oswald in Mexico just released

    Hi George, I've based my statement that he was denied on the document in Commission Exhibit 2564. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=1141#relPageId=846&tab=page The next page is a translation explaining what he had been told several times in Mexico, "let us know when the USSR will have him for a visit and then he can swing through Cuba." The reason why I accept the Cuban documents is because I cannot seriously entertain the possibility that Castro wanted Kennedy dead. Therefore I don't see the documents as "covering their tracks" of any kind.
  5. Witten's report on Oswald in Mexico just released

    I sincerely applaud your work on this matter. I'm not sure how anyone could read your series and conclude that Lee Oswald, or anybody at all, could have made the trip laid out in the Warren Report. You've literally put that one to bed. I do find PDS' work on Mexico City fascinating and much of it makes sense. Thank you for this debate, I think Mexico City is central to understanding the forces at play in this drama. It is disconcerting though that so many people have worked at this angle for so long and yet there are so precious few concrete facts available.
  6. Witten's report on Oswald in Mexico just released

    Then why has Cuba been playing along with this charade since 1964? The Warren Commision exhibit is a photo of a photo sent from Havana. I find it inconceivable that this image could be altered and Castro would go along with it.
  7. Witten's report on Oswald in Mexico just released

    It doesn't matter where the photos originated. For the purpose of establishing Oswald's presence in the Cuban Consulate on 9/27 they stand as the best evidence. David asks if I can imagine a scenario where the Oswald photographs are added to a blank application that unknown individuals have procured, filled out with the same kind of typewriter used in the Consulate, somehow signed by Consul Mirabal, sent to Havana, processed and stamped on 10/10, then finally denied on 10/15 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I mean, I suppose it's not completely out of the realm of possibilities. Surely it is easier to believe than the US altering the documents and photos that were provided to the WC by Cuba. I'm not saying I'm certain Oswald was in Mexico, as I think out and out impersonation is nearly as likely. But to rule it out completely and invalidate the Visa Application as a historical document on account of minutiae from Duran's 1978 testimony is unwise in my opinion. Especially as she does not unequivocally say the LHO killed in Dallas was not in her office on multiple occasions.
  8. Witten's report on Oswald in Mexico just released

    I fail to see how the location of where the photos were obtained is of any consequence. Minsk, NO, or Mexico, the crux of the matter is this. How would Oswald's photo be present on a document coming out of Havana, Cuba if it was not provided to their Mexican Consulate on September 27, 1963?
  9. Witten's report on Oswald in Mexico just released

    In CE 2564 I think you can make out where a staple once was. And as these would have been from a photo strip, naturally there will be differences. Just to be clear though David, you believe the Visa application images in existence today are not what was completed on 9/27/63? That somehow Cuban files were manipulated?
  10. Witten's report on Oswald in Mexico just released

    I just find it hard to envision a scenario where the Cuban Consulate in Mexico forwarded an application to Havana that did not contain a photograph. And if they actually did, then it's even more bizarre that the US would be able to doctor the documents (actually photos of documents) without any protestation from Cuba. We know that the application packet consisted of 6 pages/layers and that at least 3 variations of the application would be made in one sitting. This is obvious when you compare the images provided to the Warren Commission and then to the HSCA by the Cuban government. I don't have an issue with the absence of staples/staple holes in one of the photos either. Different photographs were used for different copies of the application. And I think you can actually see where a staple may have once been on CE 2564 anyway. I have no problem accepting that US Government documents were tampered with regularly, but I have serious doubts that pictures of Oswald were somehow added after the photographs of original Cuban documents were obtained. To me, this is THE main sticking point of the "Oswald never went to Mexico" version of events, because it is not inconceivable to me that he may have been transported surreptitiously without leaving a documented trace. If we allow for the idea that Oswald was never in Mexico, I would think that an impersonator using pictures of Oswald to apply is more likely than after the fact additions/alterations.
  11. Witten's report on Oswald in Mexico just released

    As always, great documentation David. How do we explain the application filed by Sylvia Duran which was then sent and processed in Havana? Was it an Oswald impostor/lookalike in and out of the Consulate that day? I think we all agree that these interactions occurred between Duran and someone. I'm just having a great deal of trouble working out how an impersonation fits in here with the shenanigans that ensued in the days and weeks to follow in the MEXI Station. If we accept that someone other than the LHO killed in Dallas was in the Cuban Consulate filing paperwork I think this action must have been perpetrated from outside the framework of the main assassination plot.
  12. Witten's report on Oswald in Mexico just released

    Jim, I'm not commenting directly on the OP here. I was going off something David Lifton said and I am merely speculating. To even entertain this line of thinking one must assume Oswald was in Mexico City at some point. I'm not trying to impugn anyone's work in this field, just trying to add something to the debate. On Azcue, I'm not implying any sort of Cuban connection, just that I find his testimony of little consequence.
  13. Witten's report on Oswald in Mexico just released

    To me, Azcue's testimony to the HSCA is worthless. There is no incentive whatsoever for him to confirm that it was indeed Oswald in the Consulate and every reason to throw some gum in the works. He'd been in Cuba since before the assassination of course and why would he not take this opportunity to take a shot at the US. The fact that he has "Oswald" in a blue "Prince of Wales" suit is not very convincing when coupled with the photos eventually affixed to the application. As for Duran, her testimony certainly leans toward LHO having been present in front of her multiple times. And there can be no doubt that someone went to the Cuban Consulate and filled out a Visa form with Oswald's information. Is it your supposition that someone eerily similar to Oswald may have been that man causing somewhat of a scene in the Consulate?
  14. Witten's report on Oswald in Mexico just released

    Part of the scenario that Mr Lifton lays out has been discussed here before and I think it makes the most sense. Oswald was possibly caught on camera with someone whose identity, if disclosed, would make a Lone Nut assassin case impossible. But I do not think this would have been a mistake by any means. I believe Oswald and unknown compatriot(s) may have been deliberately inserted into the record by a different faction of operatives. Operatives who would have facilitated his entry and departure from Mexico without leaving documentation. I cannot profess to know the exact reasons this might have been done but it does help explain what ensued. By most accounts the agents working in Mexico City (and with MEXI from DC) were extremely competent at their jobs and were generally intelligent people. The extant record displaying their handling of the Oswald in Mexico saga paints them as bumbling idiots. Were they truly inept? Or were they willing to look inept in order to cover up something far more important? The documented cable traffic is literally laughable. For almost two months they play this charade where surely at least one of the parties knows damn well they're talking about the wrong man. There simply must be a reason that the MEXI Station had to obscure the fact that they did not have photos of Oswald on the dates they said they did and that their matching of voice to picture was obviously erroneous. I think what makes the most sense here is that Official Washington needed this "loose end" until after the assassination. When word started whipping around that Oswald had been in Mexico and may have met with Kostikov/Dept 13/KGB/Cuba figures, that was really all that was needed to ensure most people fell in line. It was far more preferable to have a Lone Assassin than to have had the Commies knock off the President, and everything that would entail. If the Oswald mis-identification had been exposed pre-assassination there had to have been a chance it would have disrupted the plot with him as a patsy. This to me explains the ham-handed, ever shifting cover up of the true details of Ozzie in Mexico. DJ, I know you have done exhaustive work on Oswald's supposed adventure to and from Mexico City and you are convinced the trip was never made. One of the main things that makes me believe Oswald did actually apply for a Visa is that the application, with his picture attached made it to Cuba and was then viewed in the 70's. If Oswald did not apply for that Visa you would have to accept that either Sylvia Duran filed an application for someone whose picture did not match the person in front of her or that somehow Cuban files were doctored after the fact to include Oswald's photo. Mexico City (like everything else) is a complete morass, but if any sense can ever be made of the machinations that unfolded there in late September-early October 1963 then you are a long way to understanding the entire plot, planners, and personages intimately involved with the assassination. FWIW - I enjoy and respect Bill Simpich's work on Mexico City but this idea of a "Molehunt" which once made some sense to me just does't anymore. Not to mention that the term "Molehunt" hardly fits the description of any operations supposedly run by Angleton, etc. after Oswalds appearances/phone calls in Mexico, does it?
  15. "Steve Kennan"

    Doesn't seem to be much out there regarding LICOZY Apparently the Steve Kenin from Philly who went to Temple, was photographed with Castro, rode his motorcycle around Mexico, and whose name is phonetically identical to the mystery "Kennan" has no connection to this program?