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  1. "Steve Kennan"

    Doesn't seem to be much out there regarding LICOZY Apparently the Steve Kenin from Philly who went to Temple, was photographed with Castro, rode his motorcycle around Mexico, and whose name is phonetically identical to the mystery "Kennan" has no connection to this program?
  2. Oswald in Mexico City

    What if the original goal of Oswald's venture to Mexico was indeed to obtain a visa? The fact that the visa application sent to Cuba in 1963 and seen firsthand by Congressional investigators in the 70's was affixed with Oswald's photograph is strong evidence that he was the individual in and out of the Cuban consulate several times on Sept. 27th. Is it reasonable to think that equipped with a number of documents displaying his communist bona fides his handlers believed he might actually be able to procure a visa in Mexico for travel to Cuba? One can imagine the operational possibilities from there if successful. In this scenario Oswald is shepherded into Mexico City in an unknown fashion, surreptitiously, and is probably there on the 27th only. Whether he avoided Embassy surveillance, there was no surveillance, or surveillance was buried is really anybody's guess. Having all hope extinguished of receiving a visa though, it was necessary for those with knowledge of the situation to enact a plan B. Or, in an equally likely scenario the gambit was piggybacked or hi-jacked by those with high level intelligence connections. I think either would explain the incredibly disjointed goings on from September 28th forward. And also the unconvincing paper trail, having been made as an afterthought. It has been noted that David Phillips cited Anne Goodpasture with having discovered Oswald at the Cuban Embassy. It's a pretty puzzling statement considering the events that followed. But what if this is a nod to a lesser known history? What if by the morning of September 28th Goodpasture/MEXI/Others have made the connection? "Holy sh*t!, it's Oswald!!" They're presented with a golden opportunity. Silvia Duran and Oswald are duly impersonated Saturday morning with the dead giveaway being that she is referred to as "someone later identified as Silvia Duran". The transcribers know Silvia Duran's voice. And Oswald did not speak broken Russian. But anyway it's now entered into the record that "Oswald" has visited both the Cuban and Soviet embassies, and that he would be having further visits. A good deal of evidence exists that there is at least one missing call that discussed "Oswald's" need for financial assistance but the coup de grace was delivered in the second October 1st phony call that elicited the name Kostikov from the Soviets which was quickly followed by "My Name is Oswald". Those with knowledge of TUMBLEWEED would make sure their Kostikov knowledge would stay hidden until the appropriate time. If our Intelligence Agencies had been acting in good faith it's inconceivable that this information would not have set off alarms in early October 1963. Instead what we have following these events appears to be an enormous charade. Which actually helps immensely when trying to explain certain actions. How else can we accept Goodpasture/MEXI equating a phone call with an image from a different date? And why wouldn't HQ send a picture of Oswald to Mexico City? If the goal was to make sure the fable coming out of MEXI stayed attached to LHO then it makes sense. Taking this one step further, and I have no idea whether this was part of the original plan or not, but if we assume Oswald was supposed to be killed in a setup/shootout scenario on the 22nd, then what are the chances a picture of Oswald shows up in Dallas from Mexico in the wee hours of the 23rd?
  3. The Mexico City Mystery Man

    Ah yes, thanks Sandy! Somebody possessing Oswald's documents was in and out of the Consulate at least twice on the 27th. Frame "13" which is distorted or whited out is listed as "Man Leaving" at 11:40 might be of interest still. Azcue's testimony is interesting DJ. Amazing to me though that the first time he saw Oswald's image was on a newsreel of him being slain by Ruby. Cuban TV or Newspapers were not showing the image of Kennedy's killer? He does seem pretty convinced though. This response was fairly amusing. http://mcadams.posc.mu.edu/russ/jfkinfo/hscaascu.htm Another item touched on briefly in the testimony is the somewhat bizarre scenario where a "Non-Oswald" character was told to procure a photograph for his Visa application and then this impostor returns with actual pictures Lee Harvey Oswald and Sylvia Duran affixes the photo and processes the application without issue. Azcue chalks it up to a simple mistake, while conceding it's possible he is mistaken as well.
  4. The Mexico City Mystery Man

    I won't feign to know exactly what the plotters had in mind. The point I was trying to make is that I highly doubt the call linking Oswald and Kostikov was a legitimate intelligence operation. This was a golden opportunity to connect an extremely rare bird in Oswald and a KGB officer associated with Dept. 13. If LHO was never used we would have never heard about the call/incident so what was the risk in planting that time bomb?
  5. The Mexico City Mystery Man

    David, have you seen slides 8 and 14 that aren't completely whited out? Because somebody did go into the Consulate and discuss Visas with Silvia Duran right? I'm not implying this was necessarily Oswald I'm just wondering why those 2 frames don't show anything? I wonder about Silvia Duran as well. She seemed to believe that the man who's image was splashed across the TV for days was the man who attempted to obtain travel documents in her office. If this was not the same person, was there truly an impostor that was so similar to Oswald that Duran was unable to recognize the difference? Her treatment at the hands of the authorities is pretty appalling and I have no doubt that certain statements could have been coerced out of her, but I'm not aware of her raising the specter the the man she interacted with in late Sep. was not the man who was being shown on television. The other thing that bugs me about the "Oswald never went" scenario is that we know these initial visits ascribed to LHO are fairly innocuous. It's all about Visas, and we know for sure because the Cubans and Russians are taking about it back and forth on tapped lines. It isn't until the Kostikov bomb is dropped in the absurd Oct. 1 call that things become much more vague and potentially sinister. To me it makes far more sense that "they" would piggyback on top of an actual Oswald visit. In my mind the only way an LHO visit works is if he is driven down and then driven back in fairly short order. I trust Mr Joseph's painstaking research on this matter. I had entertained this possibility but I find it very unlikely that this was a MEXI Station operation. They had impersonated Cuban Embassy personnel over the phone in July to snag Eldon Hensen and Headquarters was not at all pleased that they would risk the LIENVOY operation to dupe this Texas cattle rancher. And they knew what the Unidentified American had discussed in the Embassies anyway, Visas. The October 1st call was almost assuredly used to plant a virus, because without the Kostikov-Oswald connection there is hardly anything nefarious going on. Those names having been uttered together sent shockwaves through certain corridors post-assassination. The people in the know pre-assassination would make much of this supposed link later on when they needed to push the hypothetical LHO/Russia/Cuba conspiracy. It strikes me that a "Mexico Mystery Men" thread may be necessary because it seems nigh on impossible to nail down who was doing what when in MC.
  6. The Mexico City Mystery Man

    I'm having a hard time placing Win Scott as one of the star conspirators. Which is exactly what he would have to be if at anytime before the assassination he knew the Mystery Man was not Oswald. The cable traffic from Mexico indicates they are absolutely clueless about the machinations unfolding. MEXI 7019 is a shining example. On the night of November 22nd they cable HQ as if they've made a big discovery that the guy they think may be Oswald in the early October photos was captured on October 15th in front the Cuban Embassy as well. They cable some useless info about people flying out of Mexico in November with somewhat similar names to LHO in MEXI 7020. And then to top it off they send a bunch of photos up to Dallas that could really only ever cause problems. You've got to wonder why Eldon Rudd ends up showing one to Marguerite Oswald unless they were indeed thought of as relevant. I just can't conceive of a scenario where they let these images of an individual who is actually known to them (and known not to be Oswald) enter the fray. Therefore, I'm not convinced that Scott's memo to J.C. King is proof positive that they know the true identity of the Mystery Man. On Anne Goodpasture, I'm of the mind that she was taking orders. I found a passage of her testimony to Jeremy Gunn interesting and revealing though. Precisely. I've never understood why anybody involved wouldn't have wanted this image out. Surely they could have cropped other individuals out if necessary. To me it's more likely that Oswald was supposed to be photographed but wasn't than it is likely that he actually was photographed when he wasn't supposed to be. And thanks for the welcome DJ!
  7. The Mexico City Mystery Man

    When analyzing the saga of the so-called "Mystery Man" of Mexico City it is hard to come to any other conclusion than that there were some serious shenanigans going on at HQ to make sure MEXI Station doesn't figure out that this character who they have extensive surveillance of is not Oswald. How else is it possible that Mexico City sends pictures to Dallas on the 22nd of this individual because they STILL think it may be LHO? I mean when you think about this it is ridiculous. Headquarters knows full well the description of the individual that MEXI thinks might be Oswald is not accurate, at all. When a photo is requested from HQ for comparison they refuse to send one of the several they have on file. Instead they ask the Navy for an image of Lee Henry Oswald. It is received November 26th in Mexico City. I find the fairly extensive series of Mystery Man photos remarkable for many reasons. To think they were able to capture so many perfect photos of this person on October 2nd, 4th, and 15th but unable to secure a single snap of Oswald on the 27th or 28th of September truly beggars belief. But I'm starting to think this may actually be the case. And I'm also leaning towards the likeliness that this gentleman truly was, and always will be a mystery. Notebooks full of MM photos: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=4172#relPageId=7&tab=page The Mexico City Station looks incompetent in this ordeal. The fact that this guy who was in and out of the Soviet and Cuban Embassies multiple times over a two week span was mistaken for Lee Harvey Oswald right up until the assassination is a stinging indictment of the operation down there. Of course in that day and age they needed cooperation from HQ which they did not receive. Obviously this was not lost on the plotters.
  8. Eldon Hensen

    I recently stumbled across the documents recounting this incident and CIA HQ's response. I think there are some interesting things we can learn from the affair. Here is Mexico City's cable to HQ concerning their effort's to ensnare Hensen. Job well done boys! Who knows what Eldon is planning to move "from one place to another"?!? Turns out HQ doesn't quite see it that way. A pretty scathing dispatch is sent back to Mexico City and the implications may be instructive to help us understand future conduct. Mexico City acknowledges HQ's misgivings in their July LIENVOY report. I have seen it suggested here and the few other places this episode is detailed that because the CIA Mexico City Station used assets to impersonate others in the Hensen case that it increases the possibility that it might have been the CIA themselves impersonating Oswald in the Oct. 1st-Kostikov calls. Those that cling to the official tale might say that this was the CIA just doing their job, trying to gain additional intel on the recent American visitor. Based on these documents I find it unlikely that the MEXI Station had anything to do with the bogus Oswald calls and that they were placed for far more nefarious purposes. Is there any additional information out there about Mr Hensen? Ironic that he was concerned abut visiting the Embassy because a spy might see him but he accepted calls and meetings from complete strangers. Judging from the Mexico City Station's performance on Oswald, Mystery Man, and others unknown, he would have been much better off just turning up at the Embassy and offering his services in person.
  9. Brendan Boucher

    I've lurked around for years while doing my own research into the Assassination. I'm a 34 yr old college graduate living in the US and I have many questions concerning the Mexico City aspect of the investigation that I would love to pose to the knowledgeable members of this community.