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  1. Social Democrat/Green Party I think my interest in politics started at the age of 17, when I decided to study History at Leiden University (NL). Studying at University was something no one had done before in my family. My mother only had primary education, my father had to leave secondary school in 1933 when the Great Depression struck the family. He struggled from job to job until he became a shop assistant in 1939. 1953 he was sacked by his firm (Albert Heijn= like Tesco's) because he had dispute about losses incurred by shoplifting: Albert Heijn deducted the losses from my father's wages.
  2. Der Film Good Bye Lenin (2003) eignet sich sehr gut im Unterricht (Sekundarstufe, Oberstufe) Für Geschichte: Themen: Lenin, die Wende, DDR, Leben in der DDR. Für Kunst: Wie ist der Film aufgebaut?, Beschreibe die Hauptpersonen! Gibt es Tricks? Welche? Komödie oder Tragödie? Welch Szenen gefallen dir am Besten? Warum? Deutsch als Fremdsprache: Website Good Bye Lenin Welch 'Ost-Begriffe'kann man erkennen? Stelle ein Menü von Ost-Produkte zusammen! Der Film bietet viele möglichkeiten, der Schüler sollte aber gut im Unterricht vorbereitet worden sein!
  3. Thijs Wöltgens nam afscheid als voorzitter van de Open Universiteit Nederland in Heerlen. Hij stelt in zijn rede een aantal interessante zaken vast. Is onderwijs in Nederland te duur? Is het gratis aanbieden van materialen een wapen in de strijd voor een Kenniseconomie? Hoe maken wij gebruik van hoogwaardige onderwijsmaterialen op internet. Wat vindt U?
  4. Empire High School in Vail, Arizona starts with Ibooks instead of printed books. Perhaps interesting for E-help members and associates.
  5. I am afraid there is a copyright issue here. The copyright of the material belongs to Department of Education (they paid for my participation). They have yet to decide what will happen to this material when the VS closes down. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> As I understand (correct me if I'm wrong) the VS-website is to close between Sepotember 2005 (old site) and September 2006 (New site). Copyright problems should solve themselves by then.
  6. The 3 generation approach is very rewoarding: I've done it with some of my groups!
  7. So far I have produced articles on 1880-1900: Alletta Jacobs (biography) Johanna Naber (biography) The National Exhibition on the Work of Women (1898) (examples of work and thoughts in the womens movement of that time) The Dutch suffragettes: the struggle for the votes The peacemovement (planned) 1900-1945 Rosa Manus (biography) National Socialist Women's Movement (NSVO) 1933-1945 (Role of women in a fascist -national-socialist- society) 1945- present day Joke Smit (biography) The 'Dolle Mina movement' and the sexual revolution (planned)
  8. I came across the following exhibition in 1898: De nationale tentoonstelling van Vrouwenarbeid in The Hague The organising committee was impressed by the success of the Danish exhibition in 1895. Perhaps an idea to investigate this Danish exhibition from the Danish/Swedish side. 22nd June-15th September Kvindernes Udstilling http://www.kvinfo.dk/side/454/
  9. Of course the translation of texts is a problem we've got to look into seriously. But there is a way of minimizing the problem: try to be brief in using and translating texts. Nobody, especially students and even teachers don't want to read from the screen. Large chunks of texts will -at the best- be ingnored or scrolled by viewers/users. I'll be writing short pieces of texts on Dutch women. And I'll focus on using images rather than words to describe and investigate the History of Women in the 20th century. Translating those materials is hard though, that's true!
  10. Digischool, the main portal for History teachers in the Netherlands has published the E-Help information: Newsletter Digischool
  11. Researching the Dutch branch of the Women Peace Party I followed Dr. Aletta Jacobs. In Spartacus the link to Dr. Aletta Jacobs (John could you look into the spelling on your website?) was dead. Aletta Jacobs Could you please look into it John?
  12. Hopefully not last! We thoroughly enjoyed the hospitality of Henry Compton Secondary School in Fulham. On my forum one of our girls wrote that she would like to see more meetings between students to take place. In my view students exchange should take place within the curriculum of both partner schools. Working on 1 central theme together in History or whatsoever, social meetings and building up contacts over a longer period of time should be in the forefront. This was a start, Henry Compton pupils will always be welcome in Heerlen!
  13. I've contacted Albert van der Kaap and he'll put the E-Help on the e-letter list of 'digischool', the main portal for History teachers: DIGISCHOOL
  14. It's the smaller one in the middle! She was very proud of what she'd done!
  15. I'm taking care of the history of women in the Netherlands, and I'll try to do my best for Germany. I'll as an Austrian collegue to look for Austrian (Habsburgian) materials. Here's one of them (with me in the background!) We had a good laugh on May 8th 2004! My students love this theme! Suggestions for a set of lessons would do, I think.
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