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John Simkin

History of California

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I am as impressed now as when I lived there with the acceptance of diversity and just complete genius that abounds there. It is almost like a separate country to me; I know when I am there the most unexpected things will happen, and the most magical surprises as well.

I love California. As you say, it is like a separate country. But so is New England. It always annoys me when people generalize about the United States. As the name suggests, it is really a collection of different countries that are as different to each other as is Europe.

I suppose. Growing up in Fairfield, Connecticut, about 50 miles east of NYC, I was frustrated with the density of the population and the fact that they didn't even have a major league football or baseball team. Everything about CT was so tiny, I was embarrassed.

Fortunately, we had family in the Midwest, so managed to escape the frightfully hot and humid summers. But now, when I return to visit, I can appreciate the beauty of the Long Island Sound I used to dislike because the waves were so small, and the wonderful landscape and heritage.

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