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Daniel Burnet

Brigadier General Erle Cocke Jr.

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Project Hammer and Brigadier General Cocke Cocke was heavily involved with highly secret project called Project Hammer, a covert and complex money-moving operation involving banks throughout the world. In April 2000, shortly before he died of pancreatic cancer, Cooke gave a sworn deposition stating many facts about Project Hammer and his involvement in CIA and complex financial operations. Cocke testified that Project Hammer was started by some unknown people in high government positions, that much of the money was diverted into covert activities, and that it was started as a secret program to repatriate dollar assets from several prior decades, starting with World War II. This also involved much of the gold bullion hidden in the Philippines by the Japanese during World War II. Cocke testified:

It was mainly to bring monies back to the United States from all types of activities, both legitimately and illegitimately. Not that they were in the smuggling business per se, but they were all in the arms business; they were all retracing dollars of one description or another that had accumulated all through the 40s and 50s. And that probably is as broad a definition as I can give you. All kinds of nationalities were involved, and all kinds of people became involved. Cocke was asked if various agents of the U.S. government were involved, to which Cocke replied: Yes. Obviously the CIA, the FBI, the national security agencies of all types, and the Pentagon in the broadest sense; and the Treasury, Federal Reserve. Nobody got out of the act; everybody wanted to get in the act. Included in his sworn testimony was that Citibank was the main bank involved, especially the New York and Athens offices, with many other banks acting as correspondent to Citibank, and that Citibank was the disbursing bank.

Additional Information Concerning General Cocke During 2005 I received several e-mails from a person who worked with General Cocke before Cocke death in 2000. He confirmed some of the statements I made in Defrauding America and Disavow. The person, who was still in covert activities, identified himself only as "Clark." The following are some of the statements he made in his emails to me: I have attached a copy of my credential which were authorized by General Cocke. There were only seven of us and we were known as the seven deadly sins. We were his best-kept secret. This card was issued a few months before he passed away in April of 2000. Cocke had a Special Operations Team that was formed in the early 80s. This team was not part of the government per se. It was made up of ex-military guys such as myself. If the General wanted something done that had to be kept secret from everyone, he called on what he called "his Team." I was the Team Commander so I knew most of what went on. Most everything that went on with General Cocke was highly secret. I knew he had secret meetings with many of the presidents. Cocke was one of the most powerful and feared men in Washington, D.C. Although he was behind the scenes, he was calling the shots. He did a lot of secret banking all over the world for the government and died a very wealthy man His father was the one who created Bank of America. Cocke would provide me with passports from other countries as well as U.S. passports under different names. He and several others ran everything. Admiral Turned and two other Generals, one army and the other Air Force, were all part of the group that was headed by Cocke. The General and his group needed his own people with no influence from the outside; therefore he formed a Special Operations Team, which was sometimes just called "The Team." Basically, the Team didn't exist to anyone other than Cocke and his group and I'm not sure how much the group even knew about us. If we showed up somewhere, the story was we were never there and we don't exist. Just like Area 51 a few years ago. It was not part of the Special Operations Command and was basically an entity of its own made up of ex-military personnel. His reasoning for using ex-military guys was, if something went wrong they could deny our existence completely and prove we were not on military payroll. I had to sign a secrecy agreement with Cocke and I still keep those secrets.

I was in charge of the team for Cocke and still have the team together. Some of the members have changed, but the team still exists. Shortly before the General passed away, he told me to keep the team intact because we would be called upon again to continue working for different government agencies to serve our country. Cocke would provide me with appointments with other governments as Trade Attaché or Ambassador at Large or military attaché that would allow me to move freely in and out of other countries using diplomatic passports, therefore never showing an exit stamp on my U.S. passport. When I would ask, "Who do I say I work for if questioned," his response was, "When it's not convenient for you to say you work for CIA then you say D.O.D., When it's not convenient to say you work for D.O.D., and then say CIA, but you always work for me and I will keep you out of trouble." Anything and everything we did was secret and clandestine. Nothing was ever over.

Rodney Stich (2008-05-01). Explosive Secrets of Covert CIA Companies (pp. 12-15). Silverpeak Enterprises, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

In another email: I can tell you from the days of JFK, Erle Cocke was responsible for setting up ways to hide large amounts of money all over the globe. This money belonged to Senators, congressmen, and high ranking White House officials up to and including the President during each changing administration, up to the time of the General's death in April of 2000. Which means, the General worked for every president from JFK to GW Bush to find ways to hide and launder money for the government or government agencies such as the CIA. There was a Navy Captain and also Admiral Stansfield Turner, ex CIA director, who were close to the General and often had lunch or dinner with him to discuss business. Meetings were often held at the Mayflower hotel. He also was the key negotiator who set up the ownership of the HSBC bank[6] by the CIA among other well-known world banks.

Rodney Stich (2008-05-01). Explosive Secrets of Covert CIA Companies (p. 16). Silverpeak Enterprises, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

Until now the affidavit has only been available as a series of individual image files. I have uploaded a PDF version of it to Scribd, where it can be easily read and downloaded.

So your only evidence comes from Stich? He is not exactly the most credible source, he makes all sorts of claims based on nothing but supposed confidential sources. He claimed to have tapes recorded by CIA agents of Rockefeller speaking to Hoover in which they implicated themselves and others in the JFK assassination. Supposedly he gave the tapes to Larry McDonald just before the congressman was killed in the KAL 007 shootdown, but never explained why he failed to make copies of the supposed tapes.

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