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Michael Clark

Creating new topics or.....

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.... bouncing old ones; without really having anything to add.

I am surprised at what I do not see in here. There are many topics which I have tried to track down over the last several months and, after having found this site to be a great resource, found shockingly little for them here. Perhaps there is a reason for it that I have not picked-up,on yet, I just don't know.

So I am wondering if it is an ok idea to create threads, kind of like a wiki-entry, even if I really don't have much to add? I likely will get few or no responses to this and will just go ahead and do it. I will then surely find out why it was not a good idea; it's just how I end-up rolling somethimes. 

I am going to bounce an old thread that is of great interest to me, but it is a subject that gets little attention, and I'll see how that goes.

The thread is the Maurice Bishop= David Atlee Phillips thread. I'll be posting links to the Wynne Johnson videos which are also something I see very little debate on in these forums. This is of great interest to me because, after my interest in the JFK assassination laid dormant for 24 years, Wynne Johnsons video opened up the flood gates and I have been sucked down stream.

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