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Michael Clark

JDF: McGeorge Bundy and the BOP

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Fletcher Prouty stated that, during the BOBI, McBundy was responsible for calling off the USN air strikes on Cuban aircraft. (Needs clarification)

I have read that Jim DiEugenio and others discount that claim, saying that Prouty was mistaken.

I watched an excellent Greg Burnham video yesterday and it seems that, as of a few years ago, he still held Prouty's view.


I started this factoid thread to work out that detail. I read Mr. DiEudenio's expanded, but brief alternative to Prouty's claim; but I want to get my head around that incident, digging into the sources. I'll be back with more, including Prouty's and Burnham's video's.



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On 2/26/2017 at 6:39 PM, James DiEugenio said:

Fletcher is not correct on Bundy's culpability.

What Bundy was doing was in reply to the CIA's attempts to get a  D Day air strike which Kennedy had taken out of the plan once it was transferred to its new location at the Bay of Pigs.  And the CIA acknowledged this change in their own documents  (Destiny Betrayed, Second Edition, p. 45)

There has been much debate about this on this site.  And Greg Burnham, Larry Hancock and myself all rely on the newest documents and we all agree that that is what happened.  Fletcher was not aware of these at the time he said this.


Above is the Quote from James DiEugenio, from this thread...


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