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Sandy Larsen

Questions about an autopsy photo.

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I've long wondered what exactly we are looking at here... that mess on the top of the head.

At first I saw only B&W photos and couldn't make it out at all. Later I saw this color photo and thought that those things hanging down might be skull fragments. That's what they look like to me.

But that interpretation has problems. One problem is explaining what is holding the fragments up... why don't they just fall down? Another is, since the scalp has apparently been cut off, thus exposing the fragments, why is there still hair hanging down from the ends of the fragments?

One thing has occurred to me, and that is that maybe this is a colorized version of the B&W photo, and the person who colored it (wrongly) interpreted those as being skull fragment and colored them to look that way.

Any thoughts on this? Or facts?


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