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  1. Hi Kathleen, Pat, Pamela, Yes, I did see the show - it was on "The History Channel" - my impression of the show was that they were bound and determined that they were going to PROVE that LHO was the assassin, that the bullet COULD HAVE been pristine, and their various other assertions that could pass the "My-Name-is-Winston-I-rewrite-history-because-I-work-for-the-'Ministry of Truth' Orwellian" litmus test. Oh, they went to great expense, and to such great lengths to "prove" these things - and in so doing, merely reaffirming my opinion that it's (the Government whitewash) all been lies, ALWA
  2. Hi all - I guess that this is as good a time as any to update my bio and link - I haven't been in for a long time, but got the e-mail and read it as BENIGN...I saw no persecutorial evidence. So I'm "updated" for any of my friends and contacts - those who may want the info. I do get the weekly updates and read those...I just haven't taken time out to post recently. Hi there, John S, Andy W. - I hope things are going well despite the fact that there are apparently some buzzkills who are taking themselves way too seriously. Bene! P.S. I have seen a couple of 2 hour TV specials here in the St
  3. I would tend to agree with John S. and Thomas P. - I can see their points of view. Each year I figure my taxes and while I am not happy about how the U.S. government "spends my money" in the main, I am happy to contribute at a rate of about 13 - 15 % across the board. The way I see it, I am making the "tithe" to "mammon"(in addition to, NOT in lieu of, my tithe to God) - at 10% with another 3 - 5 % for the programs I truly DO believe in. Any additional contributions that I may make to private or public charities is my REAL tithe. The Government is more than happy to take their share - and
  4. Bear with me...this is a long one... (I am submitting this one in honor of my dear departed brother-in-law, Bill, who could tell story jokes so well that it would take me three weekend visits for him to get to the punch line! This one doesn’t take quite that long and Tim’s Microsoft joke reminded me that I had it tucked away for an occasion such as this.) Abbott & Costello - A modern version of "Who's on first?" - Enjoy! (COSTELLO CALLS TO BUY A COMPUTER FROM ABBOTT . . . ) ABBOTT: Super Duper computer store. Can I help you? COSTELLO: Thanks, I'm setting up an office in my den an
  5. OH! OH!!! here's one...(John, I had to hunt this one down from among the MANY that I received this past election season here in the "Un-tied" States...so this one's for you...Cheers!) ******************************************************************** President Bush was visiting a primary school and he visited one of the classes. They were in the middle of a discussion related to words and their meanings. The teacher asked the President if he would like to lead the discussion on the word "tragedy". So the illustrious leader asked the class for an example of a "tragedy". One litt
  6. No More Sham Elections By NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF Published: November 20, 2004 NYTimes Articles One month ago today, I replied to this topic; let's see how MY ideas compare with those with "brighter lights than mine..." - As I had previously stated, I had a three-pronged plan for the elections here in the States: These were a few of my ideas - now I know I am not the "...brightest bulb in the marquee," but here's what someone ELSE had to say in a NYTimes article this very day: (The BOLDED statements are my own emphasis.) This was submitted by Mr. Nicholas D. Kristof and printed by The
  7. IN the long line of historical figures who have emerged as GREAT leaders of the U.S.A. - George W. Bush's "2000-2004 dog-and-pony show" has NOT shown him to be a "great leader!" His subsequent re-election (!?) will hopefully, after this NEXT four years, recede into the annals of history, much the same as a pimple on one's backside will "eventually heal"...and, again, hopefully, this healing will not leave too large OR irreparable scars on the "behind" of World and American history. As I see it, "We, the American People," need to institute a complete overhaul of our political processes and th
  8. Hi John, As I was reading this post, I found this part to be a bit confusing [the bolded text above], in that there isn't a way for it to be 'answered' "yes" - if it's an either/or proposition, which part of the question was answered...the "right'"or the "wrong"? (Perhaps I'm nit-picking the syntax of the questioners, but the premise of the question didn't seem logical to me: the US invasion of Iraq cannot BE both right and wrong...hence, the answer YES isn't telling ME anything, other than YES the US was right and YES the US was wrong, BUT perhaps that was the intent of the "questioners...
  9. I would like to jump in here with a bit of "fiction" that was written by Tom Clancy a few years ago - 'The Dragon and The Bear' - within the pages of this tome are some very surprising 'prophecies' which have become all too real in more recent years. Aside: Mr. Clancy's "finger on the pulse" has been telling us for years that there is more to the "wars" (in Iraq and Iran) than meets the eye - give this book a read if you can handle more than the 'faux' News soundbites and really dig into a puzzle. There is gold and oil in Russia - and we - the U.S., now being their 'friends' (i.e.: exploit
  10. WOW! What a great topic - who would have thought...(John, thank you!) This forced me to go way back in the dim dark recesses of my mind and to remember just where the literary influences upon myself and others, where our ability to question and learn comes from. There are a number of novels which influenced me - and my subsequent literary selections... One of the most influential pieces of literature in my life was the New Testament - when I was 8, I read the parables - and understood them; these have been an important guiding light in my life; opposition to greed, kindness toward others, t
  11. I'm not sure whether this link will prove useful in providing an answer to your student's question, Andy, but this is a site I found when I input the search key-words - parameters: "Ex-slaves prominent in Westward Expansion" BTW: That is a very astute question posed by your student - I wish them much luck in finding the answer/s (hopefully plural!)... http://www.toptags.com/aama/books/book18.htm - a site dedicated to Black History Search Engines are great - but you have to tell it exactly what you are looking for... A subcategory: The Buffalo Soldiers - perhaps their names are listed somew
  12. Hello to all, Rowena, way to go! I understand what you've said here and I appreciate your views, I applaud you for them. Who says that being "intelligent" and making a decision such as yours is "selfish?" - I, for one, do not. (I am glad, however, that I "felt the need" to replicate - and that I did so - my daughter has brought much joy into my life; she's of the opinion which you hold, for some of the same reasons - the world is already overpopulated, her and her new husband do not wish to compromise their lifestyle, etc.). I've replaced my "self" - provided for the future - and feel no nee
  13. Excellent point, Derek! Having just watched Michael Moore's film "Bowling for Columbine," and having seen his production of "Fahrenheit 9-11" in the theater last month, where it was, I admit, extremely hard to resist throwing handfuls of popcorn at the screen every time Geo. W. Bush came onto it! (Fortunately for me, with my tendency toward making the snide comment, I was sitting with a group of like-minded individuals, making their OWN comments!) You could almost "hear" the "BIG EYE ROLLS..." I will step out on faith here and make a predic
  14. I recently came upon a mother's story about her son, who died in the Iraq war. I am providing the link to her story here, in the hopes that people around the world will see just one aspect of the horrible mistakes that Geo. W. Bush has made while holding the White House office as the U.S. Commander " & Thief." I am disgusted at the way the American People blithely accept the "offering du jour" touted as "news" by the American network news services - I personally do NOT watch American news - I have hated it for years, since I was subjected to the nightly barrage of dis-information from th
  15. Thank you, Jean, for your kind note... I really didn't mean to go off on a tangent, but it seems that so many people here in the US are just grubbing for the "almighty dollar" without thought or care about the future..I was attempting to relate what Martin had said to actual real life experience here in the States for the past 40 years. As I became "conscious" at a very early age - I have watched what's been going on (I tell people that I am an avowed "conspiracy theorist") and I don't believe 99.99% of ANYTHING that our "government" tells us - why? Because they've been BUSTED in so many lie
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