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  1. The purpose of reform will be to improve upon the existing system, not replace it. As Mike Tomlinson and Charles Clarke said, GCSEs and A-levels will stay, so will externally marked exams. Reform will strengthen the existing system where it is inadequate, there will be greater challenge at the top for those on track to higher education. There will also be a sharper focus on the basics of literacy and numeracy and ICT. And there will also be improved vocational provision. http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk_news/story/0,...1330605,00.html
  2. Education goes to the heart of all we stand for as a party, and everything we are doing - and need still to do - to make a Britain a fairer and more equal society. So alongside the successful management of the economy and the renovation of the National Health Service, our proudest achievement in government is our success in improving education for the majority who would otherwise be denied opportunity and qualifications. In 1997, barely half of 11 year-olds were up to basic standard in literacy and numeracy. Now it is three-quarters. 84,000 more 11 year-olds each year now up to standard in n
  3. Speech by the Prime Minister, Tony Blair, at the IPPR conference on higher education reform on Wednesday 14 January 2004 Labour was elected to extend opportunity. This is our defining mission in politics, to secure a future fair for all. Our higher education proposals mark a radical extension of opportunity. They are probably the most progressive university reforms ever presented to Parliament. And the choice facing Parliament when it votes on them is precisely this: whether to support Labour in extending opportunity, or back the Tories in rationing opportunity; whether to support Labour in
  4. Now I just want to focus for one moment also on the higher education reforms. There is actually a triple lot for fairness in the proposals we are making. First, it is important to emphasise the existing up-front fees are going to be abolished under these proposals. There will be no charges at the point of access, either for students or parents. On the contrary, we are actually reintroducing grants so that the least advantaged third of students are at least £1,000 a year better off than now, as well as getting part or all of their fee written off at the outset. Secondly, the existing uniform
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