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  1. Hello This is a question which one of my colleagues was pondering on today. Is there a technical term for the names which Dickens gives to his characters in order to denote the kind of character they are? eg Scrooge and Uriah Heap I can't remember having read anything to help her. Any ideas?
  2. I cannot believe what I have just read! And this is "cutting edge" is it?? I have just had problems accessing one of the 7 computer suites which are supposedly bookable by all depts-ha ha! I have e-mailed the head and informed him that instead of using technology to create mini magazines I will read a novel to the class. Yes READ A NOVEL TO THE CLASS! No guided reading but simply a class reading together, just like in the "olden days" (well pre Lit strat anyway). Hope there are no inspectors around.
  3. Sounds a good read John. They don't have it in my local(large) WHS tho it's on the Web-site. Apart from Amazon, any ideas where I can make a cheap purchase without loads for pp being added?!
  4. Hello I'm Alison Whiteoak, a part-time English teacher in Devon. I have taught various aspects of English for 20 years and I'm perhaps more focussed on the KS 3 strand now rather than anything else. I have been an active member of the English Language List for several years and I am interested to see how the advances in communication can help me as a teacher.
  5. I am teaching the Tempest to a group of year 7 at the moment. I, like Christine, like to give the students a good idea of the text before reading any part of it. I use hot-seating for the first two lessons. I take on a character-Caliban and Miranda work well- and the class ask me questions. It got a bit tricky when they sensed the attempted rape of Miranda by Caliban but otherwise the class is now begging to READ the play!! My knees were hurting when I emerged from my cave! Good luck. Ps I have used this technique with A level students too! Alison
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