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  1. I am reading catch-22 for my eng. lit. coursework for A lvel. I have read the book, and i am swamped with possible things to write about. I have no idea where to start, i have done a mind map of ideas, but am stuck for a title. I seem to be thinking along the lines of how humour and vioence are used together, juxtaposed. Just wondering if anyone has any good essay titles for this novel. Any help at all would be appreciated!
  2. I studied 'To Kill a Mockingbird' at GCSE - This book is amazing, I think the character of atticus impacts most heavily on the majority people who read this book. We could all aspire to become a little bit more like Atticus! I have just started reading a fantastic (so far) book by Kate Atkinson, 'Behind the Scenes at the Museum', a friend reccommended it to me and it is a really fun book to read! I have just read over the summer, and for my coursework-Catch-22. I am so glad I have chosen this book to study, not only is there loads for me to think and write about, it was a very unique book and unlike anything I have ever read. Reading Shakespeare's Othello was so much fun and I think this play is genius- I love studying Shakespeare - at the moment we are reading King Lear - another great play! The books I study impact most heavily upon my life, for the time I study them they heavily affect my life, not only because I am constantly writting essays on them , but because we spend so much time looking at different interprettations and getting to grips with characters that you learn to love it.
  3. I live in England and I am a student at a 6th Form college. I study Geography, English Lit. and History. I am currently applying for a place at University for next year. I believe your website is a good opportunity for students like myself to discus work and issues, and a great place for active learning.
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