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  1. John Simkin and the Ed Forum: As you know, my approaches to History includes strategic, cultural and climatic geography... In this I follow the annales school of Marc Bloch and Fernand Braudel. Textual and critical post-modern approaches have discouraged the study of history's structural and strategic underpinnings, but the new digital capacities and continuing interest in cartography and geographic factors can make a difference in history. When I address the OAH or the state historical conferences, My historical map lectures are very well received and my strategic geographic reasons for cultural and political events always stimulates debate. Finally I notice a number of USA universities want to teach DIgital GEographic Systems, but need to bring in British Geographers because of shortfalls in staffing pool of american geography Ph.D.'s Did You Know That/ many British geographers are finding work in the growing geography departments in the states. The technology is driving the field as it diversifies from its strategic/mineral roots and climatology/weather training roots. For example at Georgia State the Geography Department is the Anthropology/geograph department....state schools do better than the private universities..some private universities have no geography departments....shocking. Shanet Clark, Woodruff fellow Atlanta, Georgia State is the University History Fellow active with the Organization of American Historians, American History Association , Southern Historical Association and National Council History Educators or the acronyms... OAH, AHA, SHA and NCHE summa cum laude BA GSU 2002. 42 years old. I have read heavily in legitimate intelligence and Watergate history. Should be able to offer sober reality checks, facts, citations, etc.
  2. Clarence Douglass Dillon took Dillon, Read and Co. through the late nineteen thirties as V.P. and executive, from the Council on Foreign Relations he entered the Eisenhower Administration as a top domestic policy advisor and undersecretary of State. His interests, like Nelson Rockefeller's, in U.S. foreign policy centered on Latin America. Clarence Dillon, Douglass Dillon's father was enormously notorious in the early days of Dillon, Read and the Wall Street interests of this Republican helped embody John Kennedy's bipartisan, centrist conciliating approach. Clarence Dillon pressed for tax cuts, and foreign export expansion. He was ambassador to France in 1950's during the Vietnamese and Algerian colonial denouement... If the unspeakable truth of domestic American political violence is my general theme, and the theory that JFK's murder was effected by his militant reactionary opposition, I add a third plank... it was done under color of law, via secret and classified findings, ultimately authorized and implemented by Vice President Johnson and Treasury Secretary Dillon, as this is the only inductive and deductive model that explains Kennedy's administration, death, cover-up and the 25th amendment...I believe he was declared to have "incapacity" by a rising group inside the KGB, I mean the CIA, who got the support of Dillon, Johnson, and Hoover, using the plans and operations available to William Sullivan, Emory Roberts, Tracy Barnes, David A. Phillips and other high ranking US officials
  3. Stanley Kutlers recent book "abuse of power:the new Nixon tapes" states (p 180) that Dorothy Hunt had taken out "$225,000 in flight insurance without a stipulated beneficiary" when she died in the Chicago plane crash. We used to stick 10 quarters in a machine in the airport for insurance, not unusual. Without a beneficiary, the plan paid the surviving spouse.....speculation centers on this a possible "stern warning" to Hunt not to spill the beans on what he knew about JFK now that the pressure was on about the Watergate. Also, conspiracists see something in the 1972-73 appointment of a Watergate figure as national air safety executive ... i believe the NATSB went to Egil Krogh as a way to reward/protect/silence him...so a White House Operator was the new federal air crash inspector...probably a coincidence. Nixon says on tape 12/11/72: "do they have any reading yet on the traceability of that $10,000 bag?" that says it all... CAN YOU imagine Howard Hunt going to the Chicago police to retrieve a satchel with ten grand in cash? This all ties in with the MCCORD thread--- and the Nixon impeachment really hinged on this hush money. What I want to know is, what was in Hunt's White House safe that John Dean gave to Pat Gray-- and Pat Gray (new FBI director) DESTROYED....? We know the safe had a pistol, some forged State Department telexs about the Diem assassination, and notebooks---was this the JFK plan? Blackmail material? We know about the cash, what about the CACHE? SHANET
  4. Shanet Clark: Vice Chairman DeKalb County Historic Preservation Commission Architectural Review Board Masters in Education Woodruff History Fellow GSU Organization of American Historians, the National Trust (USA) for Histororic Preservation National Council of History Educators (OAH, AHA, SHA and NCHE). Shanet Clark graduated summa cum laude with a BA in History from GSU and earned Honors in the graduate History and M.Ed. Georgia Regents program. A writer well versed in intelligence and Watergate history, Clark is able to offer sober reality checks, facts, citations, to the debate -- proud member of the EDUCATION FORUM. Shan Clark. David Shanet Clark, M.Ed. Writer / Historian. Born 3/15/1962: Huntington, Cabell County, West Virginia. Outdoorsman. Married to B.B.C Clark, Charleston S.C. 10/1/96, Parish of St. Michael's. Resides Atlanta, Georgia: Democrat. Episcopalian/ Disciples of Christ. scribners.org Blueblood Genealogy: FFV or "First Family of Virginia" David Shanet Clark: "I am apparently a fourteenth generation American, my direct ancestors seem to have come from England to Virginia in 1611, and I have WWII, Civil War and Revolutionary War ancestors, as well. The Pilot, John Clark, who was captured at Jamestown and held by the Spanish for four years, he was then hired to pilot the 'Mayflower' to Plymouth, Massachusetts, and he is my probable ancestor. I know of no other person who had land and property granted to him at both Plymouth Colony and Jamestown Virginia - and he is my direct great grandfather to the fourteenth generation. John Clark was a navigator and a Quaker and he did not sign The Mayflower Compact, however he piloted the ship, the Mayflower, and an island in Cape Cod Bay is named for John Clark. GENEALOGY Shanet Clark's Ancestry: 14. D. Shanet Clark 1962- Author of this table, Historian. 13. D. S. Clark 1922- Author's father, Pacific Theater WWII Lieut., M.D., Virginia. 12. Elmer Sylvan Clark 1899-1971 C & O Rails, Raconteur in The Great Depression, Epicopalian. Va. 11. Frederick W. Clark 1875-1944 C & O Rail Tunnel Foreman, Postwar Va., The Great Depression. Va. 10. Franklin W. Clark C.S.A. 1847-1929 Confederate Wise Artillery, Deacon. Post War Depression. Va. 9. James Towles Clark 1813-1913 Victorian, Orange Virginia Union Church. Va. 8. William Clark Rev. 1766-1834 Revolutionary Rider, Surveyor, Clark's Mtn., Va. 7. John Clark 1741-1831 Revolutionary Supplier. Orange County, Va. The Old Man of All the Mountain. 6. William Clark 1711-1790 Left Spotsylvania County for Clark's Mtn. Orange County, Va. 5. Edward Clark c. 1648-1736, m. 1662, *m. 1681, m. 1699. Pregenitor of Frontier Clarks, Va. 4. Micajah Clark c. 1633-1699 Many later generations are named for this Micajah Clark, who was in Va. by 1671. 3. Michael Clark 1610-1677 3ngland, thrived in Barbados, then to Charleston, and to Richmond, Henrico Co., Virg 2. Edward Clark 1594-1630 England. 1. John Clark, the Pilot 1573-1624 > 1. John Clark preceded in England by (15) William Clark b. 1553 Stefenage, Herts. (16) Thomas Clark b. 1527 Hertsfordshire. Notes: Apparently I am a fourteenth generation American. I can trace back sixteen generations to the early sixteenth century in central England, during Henry VII's reign. The generation averages out to twenty five years. The Pilot John Clark, whose testimony to the Spanish Inquisition about the strategic condition of the North American English Colonial Coast can be read in numerous journals, and the man who was ransomed for the Virginia Company by King James I; the Pilot, John Clark 1573-1624 (1) had a number of children, Susannah, Edward, Katherine, Thomas. These were his heirs, in both Virginia and Plymouth. John Clark's son, Edward Clark, 1585-1630 (2) remained in England, and Edward was the father of Michael Clark 1610-1678 (3). Michael Clark is well documented in Barbados, and re-settled in Virginia after arriving in the formative year of 1670 into Charleston, South Carolina. Michael was the father of Micajah 1629-1699 (4) who was born in Barbados and moved to South Carolina and then into Henrico County, Virginia. Micajah was the father of Edward Clark 1662-1736 (5) the founder of the Clark's Mountain Clan. This Micajah was also the father of Captain Christopher Clark, founder of another prominent frontier family. Edward Clark, Christopher Clark's brother, was the associate (probable kinfolk) of Richard Taliafero, and as an overseer developed land in the new County of Orange, Virginia in 1736 at Clark's Mountain. Some of these Clarks were surveyors, marking the James River and Greenbrier River valleys for the first time. The Clark's Mountain Clarks have been in central Virginia on the Rapidan River since 1736. Edward was the father of William Clark (6) 1711-1792 who had revolutionary associations. William was the father of (7 )John Clark, The Old Man of All the Mountain (1741-1831) the master of Clark's Mountain, with its long views. John Clark was the father of William Clark (8) 1766-1834 a revolutionary veteran, Wm. Clark was the father of James Towles Clark (9) a Victorian methodist who lived 1813-1913. James Clark was the father of Franklin W. Clark (10) 1847-1929 a Confederate Veteran, and Franklin was the father of Frederick W. Clark (11) 1875-1944 a railroad tunnel foreman. He was the father of (12) 1899-1971 Elmer Sylvan Clark, my grandfather, who lived in Orange and Unionville, at the foot of Clark's Mountain near Culpeper and Charlottesville Virginia. (some dates and links are best estimates or contested) CLARK, CLARKE, CLERK or CLERKE; Literate, but less than aristocratic, Englishmen were originally clerks, lay church officials who wrote for the English courts, the sheriffs and the bishops. By the 16th century we know of a Sir Thomas Clarke, and the Latin Cleric or Clericus or Clerq goes back, with the underground church, before Augustine's arrival from Rome in the seventh century. Stone inscriptions in Christian graveyards in Britain show an unbroken British Druidic Christian Church from the first century contact in Rome and Wales to the seventh century, but little written text and no bishops' names have survived. The Clericus family were the original Clarks, writing, maintaining a literated culture and scholarly dignity even in the face of Saxon pagan tyranny. This Post should also clarify certain other historical families: WAUGH, HOSSLEY, BOLLING, MOORMAN, CANDLER, WILLOUGHBY & JAMES. The Georgia Family of Larkin Clark descend from Edward Clark (5). This branch founded Elberton, Ga and then participated in Revolutionary Land Lots. George Rogers Clark and William Clark: There are only traces of a connection of this Colonial Virginia Clark family to the family of George Rogers Clark and William Clark (of Lewis and Clark). George Rogers Clark referred to a cousin of my line, Marston Green Clark, as a "cousin" (Bodley, Frankort) in a letter, and the Marston Green name and other names are consistent across the two frontier family lines, but William and George Rogers Clark settled in the "west" Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and Missouri, and I have found no solid link from the Clark's Mtn (Civil War Observation Post) line and this other line, however in the search I found John, Edward, Michael and Micajah, on top of what I already knew about Clark's Mountain back to the Revolutionary Day." scribners.org Curriculum Vitae CV Resume: David Shanet Clark shanetclark@yahoo.com DeKalb County Historic Preservation Commission 2006-2009 Vice Chair Degrees: M.Ed. Georgia State University 2006 B.A. History summa cum laude Georgia State University Atlanta 2002 Areas of Interest: U.S. Political History 1607-1865 Political and Economic Geography of Greater Virginia and West Virginia Nineteenth Century Culture U.S Political Events 1920-1980 Minor in Political Science Interest in Map Geography Awards: E.I. Woodruff Fellowship Southern History, GSU, 2003-2004. GSU History Department and Middle East Center: Graduate Assistant, 2003-2004. Egyptian Graphics Project. Forming a Database and Gallery of Egyptian History and Culture. Malone History Scholarship, GSU, 2002 Dean’s Key and Faculty Scholar, GSU, 2001-2002 Honors History Student of the Year, Georgia Perimeter College GPC 2001 United States Senate Youth Scholarship (1 of 100 nationwide) and the William Randolph Hearst Scholarship at Marshall University (c.1986) 99th Percentile – Graduate Records Exam, Verbal Test, 2002 (GRE 760/610) 99th Percentile – College Level Equivalency Exam, CLEP, English Literature. Conference Presentations: “Seceding from Secession: Strategic and Geographic Factors in the Partition of Virginia and West Virginia, 1863” q.v.@ <scribners.org> Presented: New England Historical Association, Annual meeting, April 2005. The Georgia Interdisciplinary Conference; UGA Athens, GA, February 21, 2004 The Florida Historians’ Conference; Lake City, Florida, March 3, 2004 The Organization of American Historians’ Southern Regional Conference; Atlanta, July 17, 2004 and other venues. Archival and Special Collections Research: “Executive Order 12036: President Carter Restructures the Intelligence Community” Jimmy Carter Library, Atlanta “The 1947 Georgia Governors’ Controversy: The Talmadge Tapes” Pullen Library Special Collections, GSU Atlanta (Submitted to Georgia Journal of Historians) Teaching Experience: Welfare to Work Adult Literacy Program, Fayette County, KY, 1992-1995 High School At-Risk Dropout Prevention Program Teacher, Lexington KY, 1992-1995 Restaurant General Manager Skills: Agfa Scanner 3.6, Photoshop, Word, Excell, Access, Sound Engineer, Editor. Membership: National Trust for Drayton Hall, South Carolina Organization of American Historians American Historical Association Southern Historical Association National Council for History Education Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations Autobiography of posting member. Sworn: Photo Avatar Portrait Shanet Clark. Member:Education Forum. 2/14/2005: Shan Clark, Shanet Clark: ATL-USA. 2/6/2008
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