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  1. Of course youtube offers fantastic new resources for the teaching of any subject but unfortunately most schools and LEAs in the UK have filtered or blocked the site completely. Their main motivation seems to be to prevent pupils from uploading video clips of school fights and online bullying. So, for a lot of us youtube is a great opportunity missed!
  2. As part of my MA in education I intend to research the usefulness of the VLE Moodle for MFL. Does anybody know of schools that use this technology? If you do please can you let me know.
  3. Last week the Plaid Cymru MP Adam Price has started a process to impeach Tony Blair because 'he duped us into war'. Impeachment has not been used in the UK for more than 150 years. Is this just a publicity stunt or a serious attempt at getting to the bottom of the events in the run up to the war? Below Adam Price's justification for this unusual move. Now for the politics of last resort - impeach Tony Blair Having duped us into war, the prime minister must be held to account New Labour, new politics - that was the promise. In Blair's own words in his first speech as leader to the Labour p
  4. In yesterday's Observer newspaper David Aaronovitch tried to get to the bottom of American conservatism by talking to Republican grassroots activisits. What he found were some interesting nuances and differences between economic neocons and traditional social conservatives. Here is the article in full: Heart of America Uncaring, fundamentalist, extreme: it is easy to caricature the followers of George W Bush. But on the eve of the Republican Convention, a journey to the core of conservative America reveals 'those others' are not what they first appear David Aaronovitch Sunday August 29,
  5. I agree that in parts of England the political debate has been lurching to the right for some time. The votes of these students are fairly similar to the votes cast by their parents in the EU parliamentary elections with the exception of the unashamed support for the BNP. The Daily Mail, amongst others, has made xenophobia and racism acceptable if it comes in the guise of be-suited UKIP or Conservative candidates. The youngsters in the poll obviously don't draw that line and go for the real thing. Maybe an indication for worrying times ahead? What was also interesting about the EU elections is
  6. I think it is a very worthwhile activity! The general apathy about the European Elections in Britain is a direct result of the astonishing level of ignorance about EU matters. Hopefully, this activity will raise people's understanding of these issues. I am not aware of an organised mock elections otherwise I would certainly have entered my students. Compared to mock General Elections organised by the Citizenship Foundation et al. there doesn't seem to have been an equivalent ... another indication of the disinterested British approach towards the EU, perhaps.
  7. The decision might indeed have some very serious implications. Any judgement on the suitability of a teacher must take into consideration whether the political beliefs inform and colour the teaching. In the case of the BNP these beliefs would almost certainly be contrary to the ethos and the aims both of the school as well as DFES and LEA regulations. I doubt these criteria would affect radical left wing teachers in the same way.
  8. www.nationstates.net is an online game which enables you to create your own state based on your political beliefs. Controversial issues are raised daily and feed into your country summary visible to other members. Good fun, not too serious & my A-level students are addicted to it! Check out the Republic for Reason and Equality for my entry.
  9. In May Causeway Press will be publishing a new edition of British Politics in Focus especially written for AS Government and Politics courses. Judging on the quality of the previous editions it should become the standard textbook for the study of British politics at this level. The strengths of the book have always been its accessibility for students and the structured activities and sources. Unfortunately they don't seem to have a website to link to!
  10. After the introduction of the workload agreement in the UK a lot of schools seem to be struggling with financing outside supply cover for staff who take trips within school hours. Languages trips tend to be hit the hardest because of their length and staffing requirements. The fact that they are probably the most beneficial to students not only because of the huge leap in language competency but also because of the implications for the development of social skills don't seem to come into the equation once money talks. A number of colleagues have reported that schools are stopping trips and ex
  11. It has been a long held belief that the first past the post / plurality electoral system keeps extremists out of power. Based on the example of the rise of the Nazi Party in the Weimar Republic the view has been that systems of proportional representation make it easier for these parties to win seats. In a report published today (20/01/04) The Electoral Reform Society has turned this argument on its head. Below a BBC article summarizing the report. Campaigner raises BNP power fears By Ben Davies BBC News Online community affairs reporter The far-right British National Party could win c
  12. Languages Online is a very impressive site with hundreds of different activities mostly for beginners in German, French, Spanish and Italian. Most of the German activities seem to be based on Heinemann's LOGO textbooks.
  13. Russel Tarr's What are your political beliefs exercise is another good starting point for understanding the political spectrum It does look good. I have my doubts about Tony Blair popping up for the 'left wing view', though!
  14. A useful online revision guide for most elements of the AS Government and Politics course. Pretty unexciting but it does the job.www.tutor2u.net
  15. I find this website useful when teaching the left/ right paradigm and/or introducing ideologies. The students love doing the questionnaire and placing themselves on the grid next to people like Gandhi, Hitler, Stalin and Thatcher etc. The categories are based on Eyseneck's authoritarian/libertarian and economic left/ right model. www.politicalcompass.org
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