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  1. A few comments about learning, e-learning, schooling and life. I recently decided to take up photography. I found a great website, DP Review which is basically some guy in London who reviews digital cameras and built some discussion forums for discussing cameras, technique, computers in their relation to "digital darkrooms" etc. Well, since Jan. 1999 these forum have had (and I'm taking this off the website now... 222,504,066 posts. Talk about a learning community this discussion board must be receiving 100s of posts an hour on all kinds of topics 24 hours a day every day. Now here's somethin
  2. Hi All, I'm Eric Perlberg, Founding Director of ASW2, A School Without Walls (www.ASW2.net), an online school offering A levels and IB. I began my career in rural New York State (in a small town between Kripplebush and Krumville!) teaching primary school and after 12 years I moved to Basel Switzerland to start the International School of Basel's high school programme. During that time I had the dual career of teaching almost all subjects through to and including GCSE and even some A levels while consulting on desktop publishing and doing the graphic design work for printed publications for on
  3. First, I'll introduce myself, I'm Eric Perlberg and I'm the Director of ASW2, the first UK school to offer A levels entirely online and soon we'll be offering the IB online. I was a classroom teacher for 30 years (USA, Switzerland, UK) previous to starting and directing the ASW2 project (short for A School Without Walls, a term coined by the radical educator Ivan Illich). The project has been totally funded by Southbank International School in London. E-learning has the power to really radically alter the ways we learn. But not in the way generally talked about in the media (replacing teacher
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