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  1. Varndean has an extremely large conference room. It has a whole suite of computers, a smart board, Internet access and a full time network manager. The catering is considered to be very good and the coffee is the best in Brighton. Drawback, there are real students outside the room, who are on the whole probably not as wholesome as the students in the IST.
  2. I am personally in favour of IPods. How about we create Pod Cast facilities. We may consider downloading both video and sound. The proposed website could offer Pod casting? Most of our students are really into this type of technology.
  3. Is anyone intending to commission content to other colleagues working in their educational establishments? If this is the case do you think it is fair that they should be paid for their time. They may not accept travel and a very good quality hotel as an acceptable fee. They may prefer cold hard cash?
  4. 290 euros a day. I will let you know later about the number of days. As lead partner we will be willing to take care of the administration.
  5. Could each institution please post the following: (1) Full legal name of the institution in the national language: Varndean School (2) Acronym of the institution, if applicable (3) Full name of the institution in English (formal or informal translation) Varndean School (4) Type of institution code:EDU.3 (5) Erasmus ID code, for Higher Education Institutions only (6) Website http://www.varndean.co.uk/ (7) Is the institution able to recover VAT? Yes (8) Postcode BN1 6NP (9) Town/City Brighton & Hove (10) Country code UK (11) Region code UK 12 Telephone: +44 01273 561281 Facsimile: +44 01273 564614 Contact: school@varndean.co.uk Contact Person: Andy Davies Email: andydavies@varndean.co.uk --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. Biography My name is Andy Davies. Until the recent closure I coordinated the European Virtual School, Design and Technology Department. I host three websites, 'Design Technology Department', 'Midhurst Grammar School' and the 'Design and Technology' site of the 'ATW'. I have recently been appointed as Assistant Headteacher at Varndean School in East Sussex moving on from Midhurst School in West Sussex where I worked as the E-Learning Coordinator, Gifted and Talented Coordinator and subject mentor. I teach Design/Technology and ICT. I previously worked as an educational consultant for Learn Premium where I was employed to create all of their Design and Technology online resources. I have produced learning resources for a range of different organisations including DfES, Electronic Telegraph, ‘Teachernet’, WJEC, BECTA and over the last few years Birchfield Interactive. I was a Head of a Design and Technology Department in a West Sussex School for four years and have also served as a Head of Year. From 1994-1996 I was the Principal Examiner for N.D.T.E.F (National Design Technology Educational Foundation).
  7. I have been a stranger to the forum for quite some time. I hope to be back on board. Here is my information: Participant: Andrew Davies Institution: Varndean School Country: G.Britain Town: Brighton <{POST_SNAPBACK}> website: Design and Technology department biography: See Attachment
  8. Our forum appears to be a success. It is quite interesting that very few members of staff actually contribute but nevertheless the students have taken charge, posting quite stimulating topic discussions. Our Governors appreciated the forum presentation and for some of them it was the first time they had ever experienced a forum. Most of the postings were both basic and simplistic in the early days but the level of sophistication has altered with many of the older, mature students leading by example. We intend to use the school educational forum with our student teachers. The professional mentor intends to post a discussion topic at the beginning of each week. It also acts as an information board enabling information to be communicated in a much more efficient way.
  9. This truly amazing. I have never seen anything quite like it before. My son (age 4) and I spend many an evening creating simple lego models. This is certainly something to aspire to. Thanks Andrew if you find any more gems like this one please send them along. On a different subject did you ever manage to find a Design and Technology Key Stage 2 teacher who is prepared to assist me with the Virtual School Design and Technolofy site?
  10. Hi David At last I met the great man. Thanks very much for showing us your wonderful department. Most British Design and Technology teachers would be envious. It is quite obvious that you have put in a great deal of effort and time in making the department as successful as it is. What you really need is the support of an enthusiastic technician. I think the school owes a great deal to you. I hope we manage to work together in the future and that your examination results are a success this year. Andy
  11. I would like to thank Richard and his team for all their hard work in making the Toulouse visit possible. How you ever managed to arrange the VIP visit to the Airbus we will never know. The minutes of the meetings and few images of the visit have been sent to Chui. We should be able to see them soon on the Design and Technology Homepage.
  12. Hi David I am looking forward to visiting you in Toulouse next month. I hope that we will be able to add your contribution to the Aviation Section of the D and T site very soon. Do you think it would be best until we meet at Toulouse before adding your content or are you ready to send me a link to the work produced so far? As far as I know other departments in your school are also creating content based around the Aviation theme. Look forward to hearing from you Andy
  13. As some of you are aware I have recently (with the help of some very able ICT students) developed a school forum for our gifted and talented students. In tonight's meeting we asked students to register, login and choose an avatar. I was shocked at how many students and members of staff had never used a forum before. The concept seemed quite alien to them. The use of the G and T forum in our school should prove to be quite an interesting experiment. All I need to do now is to convince senior management of the advantages of using such a forum.
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