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  1. There is no doubt that phonics, properly taught, plays an important part in teaching literacy skills. But there is a risk, and one fuelled by recent coverage of the Clackmannanshire study, that phonics is somehow seen as a magic bullet which will ensure that every child leaves primary school as an effective and enthusiastic reader. Phonics is based on the simple premise that in order to learn to read a child must be able to recognise and combine the basic sounds, or phonemes, that make up the English language. But it is a big jump to suggest that teaching children phonics at an early stage i
  2. Labour has a vision where people are not just left to the mercy of market forces but are equipped to achieve in a market economy. It is a vision founded on many streams of progressive thought - from 19th-century New Liberal thinkers through to social democratic revisionists like Tony Crosland. It's a vision for a third-term Labour government that builds on the success we've achieved. But a vision for our education system to complete a shift from one where "comprehensive schools" have been the focus, to one where achieving a "genuine comprehensive education" becomes our objective. I see no
  3. I am proud that my first White Paper as Secretary of State should be on the issue of education for our 14 to 19 year-olds. The reforms I set out here are of vital importance. They are vital to our economy ¬ equipping young people with the skills employers need and the ability to go on learning throughout their lives. They are vital for social justice ¬ giving us the chance to break forever the historic link between social background, educational achievement and life chances that have dogged us as a nation. And most of all they are vital to each and every individual young person, whatever thei
  4. Born: 9th May 1968, Limavady, Northern Ireland Status: Married, 1 son, 3 daughters Educated: Queen's College Oxford; London School of Economics Employment before entering Parliament: Deputy Head of Inflation Report Division, Bank of England (1994-1997). Economics writer, The Guardian (1990 - 1994) Elected: 1997 Labour Member of Parliament for Bolton West Office Held: 1998 - 2001 PPS to Nick Brown (Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food); 2001 - May 2002 Economic Secretary to the Treasury, May 2002 - Sept 2004 Financial Secretary to the Treasury; Sept 2004 - Dec 2004; Secretary of St
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