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  1. 'Let's talk about sex,' is the slogan for the new film about Alfred Kinsey, and in his time that was a pretty heroic thing to do. The man who helped to convince the western world that masturbation is not unnatural and homosexuality not a sin had to struggle against forces of conservatism and intolerance every day of his life; his determination to take them on was what made him something of a hero. But the film also reminds us that his times are not our times. Because Kinsey lived in an age that could be straightforwardly optimistic about the rewards offered by sexual frankness. He believed t
  2. Natasha Walter is the author of "The New Feminism (1998)" and edited the collection "On the Move: feminism for a new generation (1999)". She is a regular columnist for The Independent, has worked at Vogue and The Guardian, and has appeared on BBC 2's Newsnight Review.
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