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  1. The Altgens photograph has been done to death in terms of is it Oswald or is it Lovelady, was it Oswald's shirt or was it Lovelady's shirt? The earliest that I dicussed this issue was in 1984 when the photograph was released in the UK magazine "Unsolved". I have quite a good black and white photograph from that magazine and the discussion was put to bed by two things;- the photograph of Lovelady and the acceptance by Groden that the shirt Lovelady wore was one and the same as the one in the Altgens photograph (Lovelady's too striped for me but OK). However subsequently I came accross a websit
  2. Your theory is an interesting topic for discussion John. However there are two key questions though that need consideration. FIRST How can you believe that LBJ knew little of the assassination when there is clear evidence that he knew before the assassination that things were afoot? Why did he meet DeMohrenschildt? Why visit Texas in a private plane instead of Airforce2? Why the fourteen minute gap on his tapes, if LBJ was clean and Hoover wasn't, wouldn't LBJ keep the evidence? LBJ was involved in close kin cover-up after the assassination. Why did his cousin and reputed double, Jay Bert P
  3. I currently work in Liverpool John Moores University. I have a commercial background in international marketing in Europe and USA. I have been interested in the assassination of President John F Kennedy since witnessing as a youth, the lack of official alarm triggered by Ruby's killing of Oswald and, later learning that Oswald got his job in theTexas Book Depository only weeks before the assassination and after it was known that JFK would be visiting Dallas. I always thought, even as an adolescant, that the route to the assassination would come via the person(s) who got Oswald his job. To su
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