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  1. Hi all Two Years ago i worked on an article with 5 students studing the JFK assassination it was a basic outline to the assassination. A copy of it can be viewed at http://www.carlydawn.com/jfk.html any comments you have i would appreciate. I have just finished writting a 9,500 word dissertation on the evidence used by the Warren Commission in their report as soon as i get my results from taht i will put that online for peoples opinions. Many thanks Carly
  2. I am a 22 year old history major taught has been interested in the JFK assassination for 6 years, I have written an article on the subject and I have just completed my dissertation on the Warren Commission evidence. I am also working as a student ambassador for pupils doing the JFK assassination for their GCSE's.
  3. thank you for thoses websites, i will have a look at them Carly
  4. I am looking for people's opinion on the Warren Commission and their report, I am in the process of researching the Warren Commission and why the report withheld certain information. I would like to know what people's opinion is on the Warren Commission Committee and their final report as this will give my an idea to how the report came across to the general public and what people think were the fault's in the report. Any help you can I give I would really appreciate it. Carly
  5. I am just about to start my final year of a History Degree at Christchurch University in Kent. I have been interested particular in the John F. Kennedy Assassination since I was 14 years old I am now nearly 22. I enjoy all aspects of history but the two main areas of interest to me are the History of Witchcraft and Magic and The JFK assassination. Carly Spreadborough
  6. hello everyone I am just about to start my final year of a history degree, and i am going to do a critique of the Warren Report for my dissertation. I have three main headings that i am looking at they are: Context Content Consequeques I am finding the first and last one fairly easy to do, but the second one i am finding a bit harder to do, as the report is so big ( i have jsut finished reading all 888pages). If anyone has any ideas on how best to tackle this one i would appericate any help. Many thanks Carly (carls) "life live to the full as you only have one life"
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