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  1. One one hand I agree with you, how can one enjoy the true pleasures of success if they don't have failure to compare it to? However, our schooling system lets students down in that it doesn't facilitate learning in the best possible way for everyone. A system of competitive markers and levels works for some and not for others. I think debating the issue of semantics is not the most important point. "Fail" or "deferred success" is the same thing. We need to shift our focus. I have always been taught that it is the process, our journey (life), and not the destination (death), that is of key imp
  2. My name is Laura Di Giorgio and I am a postgraduate student at Curtin University of Technology. As I commence work next year, I am interested in discussions with current teachers on subjects such as the Curriculum Framework currently in use, as well as Outcomes Based Education. I am also keen to collect ideas for the classroom! My major is English and my minor is Society and The Environment.
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