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  1. I'm interested in your thread about laptops. We've recently received our next batch of laptops for teachers and found them a lot more trouble than they are worth. We cannot create a reliable build which enables them to be used on the internet at home and connect to our network at school. As a result we've told staff that they can either do one or the other, not both. We did a survey last week of our students. They come from across Norfolk so are a good mixed sample. Nearly 90% of them have a computer at home with internet access. 75% of them are now on Broadband. Instead of bringing la
  2. I am an Advanced Skills Teacher (AST) in ICT and MFL for Norfolk LA. In recent years I have worked on helping schools to set up international link projects in countries such as France and Malawi. This often involves using ICT to enable students to study life in another country and/or to communicate with people in other countries. I am currently working with organisations such as the British Council and the DfES to explore effective uses of digital video, websites and video conferencing enabling schools to create and sustain international links.
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