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  1. I should have made clear in my last posting that there will be no NEW language programmes being made - repeats of all current series WILL continue. But no existing provision will be updated and no new languages will be introduced. This is especially worrying for those less widely taught languages that the BBC has been so good at supporting in the past. The new Chinese course is a good example of this.
  2. Forum members may be aware that the BBC is proposing to axe its TV languages programmes for adult learners. These enormously valuable resources (accompanied by books, audio cassettes etc and more recently enhanced by online resources) have provided teachers - and especially those teaching adult beginners - with a wealth of material over the years and will be sorely missed. What message does this gives out about the importance of languages at a time when the National Languages Strategy is promoting lifelong learning of languages? Although the BBC intends to continue its online provision (and the BBC languages web pages are regularly among the top 30 hits on their website), many teachers (especially those working in AE institutions which can range from specialist AE colleges to church halls!) and learners still do not have online access and anyway, the online resources will be poorer without the enhancement of the varied resources from the TV programmes. The BBC charter is currently up for renewal - so linguists please make your voices heard! You can also write to John Willis, Director of Factual and Learning, at the BBC.
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