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  1. I know that I'm younger and inexperienced but I still felt the need to share with you this song. It's called Four Winds by an artist called Bright Eyes. http://youtube.com/watch?v=SC-_wpl4ZWw I hope you enjoy it. As far as I can see, hear and read it is how man has reacted to religion, money and any other excuse to create personal gain. ~ Adrian
  2. The Current Issue at the IST Well, its not gone totally quiet. Here is an example of a lesson. Teacher: Could you run down to the staff room to ask a teacher to photocopy this? Student: Oh no, I wouldn't want to endanger their careers. Some students have resorted to low attacks on teachers who probably didn't have much to do with the situation to try and take out their frustrations. What Albiston has done to the students and staff in his desperation for things to quiet down is he has inadvertently created barriers between the students and teachers. The new "teaching couple" at the school, the Harvey's (Art and Sport/History, the students have taken into account that he is more of a sports teacher than a history teacher and this is still a hot topic among students as many question his ability.) will probably face prejudice just because Mr. Harvey is taking over Mr. Jones' younger student classes. Fortunatly for Mr. Harvey he is teaching the younger classes, had he been teaching my year he would have probably never gotten anything done, most students would have reverted to commenting upon his teaching and implying that they dislike him very much and wanted Mr. Jones back. Now don't get me wrong, I have no problems with Mr. Harvey and I understand his position is a difficult one. I'm hope he's an alright teacher as the school hired him. I'm just pointing out the unfortunate fact that the children will make connections and from now on, the comments will be made and the barriers will be built up higher and higher. How much trust is there at the school? Not much. How much can you learn in an environment like that? Not much.
  3. Henri, I really have to disagree with you here. I don't know to how many students you talk to about this issue, but for me, and from what I see, the silence is helplessness. The students tried, but they burnt themselves out too quickly, and with nobody to lead them, take them by the hand and show them what to do they sit there, feeling helpless. The students that I talk to reguarly about this issue want Mr. Jones back, but yes they are being defeatists. They don't know what to do, they're afraid of getting into trouble, they want to get on with their education but want to make a difference. For some of us, including me and you Henri, only have a few more months at the IST, and want to make sure that we get out as clean as possible. (Yet individuals like you and me probably dirtied ourselves slightly in the administrations eyes. I've heard that I'm now "one to watch out for"...) So Henri, tell us where to go, and if the student body trusts you enough to follow you, they will.
  4. The image is also on the Spartacus page for the IST. It really is quite amazing how many of the original members of staff have left since our Principal took over.
  5. Apparently our views which we were expressing were insulting teachers. It happened right after the T-Shirt protest, and the students did indeed feel betrayed by the teachers so I guess the posts that appeared on the forum were to be expected. They weren't personally insulting any individual but they were critising the school and the teachers actions of being unfair, unjust and further cementing the idea that they didn't take the students seriously at all. Stop me if I'm insulting anyone. There is a forum which the students created to voice their opinions, but who knows how well that will go. (Students moderating students... who knows who we could insult next...)
  6. First off let me introduce myself, my name is Adrian Abbott, a sixteen year old student at the International School of Toulouse. Since I was twelve years old I have been taught by Richard Jones-Nerzic and I can honestly say the lessons he taught will extend beyond the history class room and accompany me for the rest of my life. His enthusiasm for his subject was always transferred to his students, and his classes were always some of the most productive in the school. Ask any of his students and you will get the same reply. He is the best teacher that they have ever had. We respected him because he respected us and we all hold him in the highest regard. The advice he gave for examinations was to say the least, excellent, beyond compare. He has been there to help and guide me for my entire secondary education thus far. After his dismissal the path to my GCSE examinations then seemed a rocky road, scary and hazardous. The school has not given us any answers to why he was dismissed. The students are asking questions, the parents are asking questions and the management appears to be dancing around our inquiries. Maybe they are intentionally avoiding our appeals for information or maybe they really can’t for “legal reasons”, but we don’t know anything for the moment and we wished we did. The treatment that Mr. Jones-Nerzic and his family received is deplorable and I hope that everything will be worked out as soon as possible. To be honest I’m still shocked about the whole situation. I believe that the International School of Toulouse is a brilliant school, but with the recent events and the student body unhappy at the school, unfortunatly I can only see a negative backlash in the future. I do not understand his dismissal at all. It seems like it hasn’t been thought out. I know that I am not the only student unhappy about this situation, and I wish that they would reinstate him.
  7. I'm 17 years old, and went to the International School of Toulouse for 7 years before transferring to Luton Sixth Form College where I study Law, Government and Politics, French and Music Technology.
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