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  1. To help clarify, most members of the EF are also members of the DPF so their user names (and IP) come up when they log on. That is how I know who visits. Being one of the Admins I get to see the IP addresses but this information is not viewable by guests or members. I think IPs also viewable by the moderators and that would be the same here. So, no spies, no secret knowledge, no special software. I really don't have the time let alone inclination to hunt down and match every passing IP to see if it matches some one who may possibly be from here. I kind of just assumed that the Recife, Brazil frequent visitor who always uses the search function to look up 'Len Colby' was Len Colby. Len seems to confirm this elsewhere here. Len's IP is not banned. Just Evan's.
  2. No. The DPF allow non members to view their site. The DPF just don't like stalkers watching every move of some of their members for hours and hours almost every day. They have many visitors from the EF but not all of them stalk. As a matter of interest, how are you able to identify Evan to block his IP (I understand it would be easy to identify a Brazil IP)? furthermore how do you know who is visiting your site from the Education Forum? I wanted to ban Evan's IP on my home computer as he sent me nasty emails and I didn't want any more from him. I got the IP from his email.
  3. S/he twice claimed on this forum to be married to some guy who's never heard of "her" and almost certainly is using a false name on the DPF where s/he is an administrator despite the fact that using your real name is a requirement there as it is here. This after s/he and other DPF founders (including you IIRC) made a fuss over me using an obvious webhandle elsewhere. And I'm the bad guy? It seems my prediction that hypocritically the DPF lynch mob will ignore this was correct. No Len. You are the only person in the whole world claiming I am married to this poor man. An innocent man who is no doubt totally confused by the demented Brazil Nut contacting him out of nowhere asking personal questions from someone he does no even know. It is all a creation of your overactive imagination and your under utilised brain. Your own strange personal conspiracy theory with no basis in reality. I said my name was acquired by marriage. I have been married several times. I have also said my marital status is none of your business and irrelevant to anything. It still is.
  4. Sure Andy. What ever you say. Got better thing to do than chat with you too. Bye!
  5. Well, it's been fun. Good bye all. Fortunately, I have better things to do than hang around here answering Lightning Len's 'questions'. Such as they are. Good luck to you all here who have to put up with him.
  6. diddums - did the nasty men disagree with you? No. I have no problems with disagreements. It was the disappearing threads, censorship, hypocrisy and double standards which was rampant that I had trouble with. Not to mention the patronizing tone of some.
  7. Logic not your strong point is it Len? Neither is geography apparently. Or counting. Where am I again? An education forum? Forgot for a moment. Nice of you to leave Greg Parker in peace for a while. Tired of baiting him? I suppose this is why I am blessed with your undivided attentions. After twelve months. A straight answer to what? Do I really care? The answer is no. And I have no interest in anything of what passes for your private life. With friends like this the less I know about your private life the happier I am. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GG_Allin
  8. Like all good web masters I am very interested in where our traffic is coming from for SEO purposes. What countries and organisations they come from etc. I am also interested in protecting members from trolls and stalkers. Unlike some.
  9. I have divulged that Len and Evan visit the forum. Others also visit. I know why others visit. I don't know why Evan and Len do. Len and Evan are not members. I will not discuss any members. Unlike here where it seems members can be interrogated about their marital status and sexual activity with strangers.
  10. Like I said before my marital status is a)irrelevant and none of your business You are showing an unhealthy interest in my private life Len.
  11. I have no idea what you do with your time now Evan. Your IP used to spend many, many hours at the DPF until your IP was blocked to give the members some privacy from your prying eyes. I really don't know why it bothers you so much as there is nothing there of interest to you. You have nothing but contempt for the members or anything discussed there but you really did spend an inordinate amount of time there and now you can't you are mighty pissed off it seems.
  12. Indeed David. Len doesn't seem to realise that many women change their name when they marry. A simple thing really. But too simple for some it seems. I thought of that but since: You wrote in your bio on Sept. 24 2007: “Gender: female. Age: late 40's. Location: Sydney, Australia. Educational background: Social Sciences and Humanities. Employment background: unemployable so have spent many useful years having children, thinking globally and acting locally, resisting the US and neo liberal empire and gardening.” http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=11069 And on Dec 13 2007 wrote: “My husband is Chilean and was involved in the events of 1973…” http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.ph...&pid=130946 I assumed you were married at the time but I guess coincidence of coincidences you an unemployed single mother (of multiple children) in her late 40s just happened to marry someone with a remarkably similar surname during that 80-day interval. But wait in the December post you provided a link to an article supposedly about your husband that referred to a man named “Vlaudin Vega”, so when were you not honest then or now? Or did you an “unemployable” mother (of multiple children) in her "late 40s" (or perhaps early 50's) coincidence of coincidences divorce Vega after making that post and marry some guy named Hassan by the time the DPF started up on Sept. 13, 2008? Odd that you opted to adopt Hassan’s name there but not Vega’s here. No I think you are capable of being dishonest on your own. You sound like a thief saying his victims were at fault for not locking up better. I’m not a member of the DPF and don’t spend a lot of time there. More than a bit ironic coming from someone who made numerous posts concerning my use of an obvious webhandle on forums/sites where this IS allowed. Poor Vlaudin has had enough troubles in his life without you also making me as his wife lol! Why do you want to involve some poor innocent into your conspiracy theory? And my marital status means what exactly? It is a) irrelevant none of your business. I had no idea I was not permitted to marry someone with a name similar to my own or my previous husband's name. Perhaps that is the case in Len's world, a unique place if ever there were, but I choose my friends and partners based on other criteria than the combination of letters in their name. Or are you into numerology? No, Len, you are not a member of the DFP, and that's the way I like it, but you spend plenty of time there. Just not quite as much as some others.
  13. No. The DPF allow non members to view their site. The DPF just don't like stalkers watching every move of some of their members for hours and hours almost every day. They have many visitors from the EF but not all of them stalk.
  14. Indeed David. Len doesn't seem to realise that many women change their name when they marry. A simple thing really. But too simple for some it seems. Don't tell me Len sees a conspiracy here? Twelve months and he's just noticed? Nothing better to do with your time? Talking of double standards I see they are still selective about enforcing that photo requirement round here. Robert E. Cox doesn't even have one: http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.ph...st&p=173407 And who can these people be?: http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.ph...st&p=173434 http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.ph...ost&p=39993 Yet they can post here.
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