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  1. David; Although I normallyl consider it hardly worthwhile to continue to invest in JFK assassinattion related books, I must also admit that your work appears to be something which I would not only learn from, but could be another of the "keys" to making the ties between the money and the event. LHO was, beyond any reasonable doubt, engaged in a course of action which was designated to get him into Cuba. Which by all available information appears to have been for the same reason as others before him, who had failed. Since LHO was not truely a political fanatic, then this pretty well leaves
  2. Thank you for your contribution here regarding your book. Although I have not had a chance to read it yet, I have placed it on my "to do" list in the very near future. I appreciate your clarification on William Pawley, and what "was or was not said" in your book.
  3. William Pawley did not hold the "political process" in contempt. Only the Kennedy administration and John F. Kennedy himself, because Kennedy had no clue what he was doing in The White House, and never should have been there to begin with. You are right though in your accusation that Pawley had the "funds and connections to support any type operation he desired". However... you have him confused with someone that would use that power in an adverse way (like assassinating a President).
  4. That report came out in 1963 (not 1954)
  5. Article II only refers to the "water" area surrounding what is now Guantanamo Bay. It was to eliviate the U.S. from allowing commercial fishing vessels to compete with cuban ones in those waters.
  6. Pawley was investigated by the FBI at one time (and cleared of any suspicions later). The FBI and the CIA at that time were not organizations that worked together. The FBI was unaware that William Pawley was a CIA informant (operative) and conducted an investigation on him (as they did to over 15,000 other Americans at the time). It is a common known fact that Pawley disliked (to say the least) John F. Kennedy. If anyone was a back-stabber, it was Kennedy himself. We could elaborate on Kennedy all day long, but this forum post isn't called "Kennedy: The Idiot". As for John Birch. What about
  7. Thank you for this information. Have you a date for this sale? Autobuses Modernos was originally created in the late 40's by William D. Pawley using English built Leyland buses which were fleet named "Royal Tigers" (in commemoration of "The Flying Tigers" of course). Pawley (as he did with many foreign contracts) obligated the government of Cuba to "buy back" the bus company in 1953. It was the first time in Cuban History that the government had to nationalize a private service. Pawley used contracts like these on several occassions (in several different countries). He would draw the cont
  8. Tom, I am already not liking you very much. Your tone towards other posters on here is one that indicates that you are the ONLY EDUCATED individual who posts here. Try to remember that some people join a thread much later than the original posting, and can't find the time to scroll through most of the crap that is posted and re-posted and re-quoted over and over again. (You know you can delete part of the QUOTES - when you respond to a posting - that are not relevent to the material you are responding to). This way we don't have to re-read your entire posting over and over and over again. Thi
  9. Peter, Thanks for your words. I do get a bit upset at times when I see things written about my Great Uncle, that I know to be false or misleading. He was a great family man, business man and politician; and he and Edna (his wife) were the backbone of the Pawley's in general. He strived for nothing less than greatness in everything he did (and always for the good of the people). I will be writing a Biography on him sometime in the next few years, which also should shed a lot of light on his life as a whole. BTW - Pawley's Island is in South Carolina (between Myrtle Beach and Charleston). It
  10. Mr. Plumlee, Thank you for your kind words on behalf of my Great Uncle. Yes, he was a very honorable man who reached his hand out to many people (even those not deserving of it). ALthough he did not like JFK, he ABSOLUTELY had nothing to do with his assassination. Are you referring to the boat rides on the old 60' Berger appropriately named "The Flying Tiger"? What a great boat that was. I sailed on it many times myself as a child (Pleasure cruises and Fishing). Thanks again. It's nice to hear someone defending the true Patriot that William Pawley was. Take care. Cash Pawley
  11. It is correct that Edward Porcher Pawley, my Great Grandfather, (Not William D. Pawley - who was only 7 years old at the time) was granted permission to open a business in Cuba in the year following the Treaty (1904). It was NOT in violation of the treaty though, as the treaty stated that "no commercial enterprises could exist on The Guantanamo Base"... not in Cuba, as a whole. Since this enterprise was in Caimanera, it did not fall under any sanctions of the treaty.
  12. All of this is highly speculative and not fact-based, and sill surely DOES NOT implement Mr. Pawley in any way, shape or form to the Assassination of JFK. IN regards to #6 above: A more accurate detail would be - During the 1930s, Pawley worked in China as a sales representative for Curtiss-Wright, and assembled aircraft in partnership with the Chinese Nationalist government under the corporate name of Central Aircraft Manufacturing Company in various locations. (CAMCO was owned in partnership with the Chinese government, with the Pawley family interest represented by a holding company called
  13. I will have to correct this slightly. First of all, William D Pawley died of a "single" self-inflicted gun shot wound. There has never been any evidence to the contrary. His wife, Edna Pawley, was home at the time and found him within seconds of the shooting (when she heard the gunshot). She was in a nearby room. I know from having spent much time in the same house, that it would have been impossible for someone to have shot Mr. Pawley and fled the scene without having to pass Mrs. Pawley in the hallway, as there was no other exit from the Den where he was found (not even a closet to hide in)
  14. I am interested in more information as to what evidence would suggest that William Pawley had anything to do with the JFK assassination.
  15. Thank you for the introduction John. And, yes, I shall be reading and responding as much as I can.
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