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  1. That is definitely Sturgis.

    Greg is right, that is definitely Sturgis but not LHO. It is a reporter whose name escapes me for now. The film was taken in 1961 at a parachuting practice ground run by a guy named Popperwell or smothing similar. My memory is not what it used to be. There were also some press photographs taken that day one of which shows Hemming, Sturgis and Larry deJoseph. James Richards has posted it here before. JK

  2. I'm not sure you should post those gory pictures here.

    I don't see the need for it plus there may be younger kids tuning in.

    You're kidding right? By that logic we shouldn't be posting head shot frames from the Zapruder film, or JFK autopsy pictures, etc? Unbelievable.

    Sorry, Greg, I don't have that report. JK

  3. Ramon Orozco was one of Rip Robertson's guys back in the early 1960's and participated in several raids into Cuba with Tony Izquierdo. In 1973, Orozco was charged with violation of an order of non-departure and did a short stint in prison. JK

  4. Zach, you are correct. Col Bishop was not John Adrian O'hare. If O'hare didn't die in 1974, and he didn't, then an interesting player in all of this is pathologist R.G. Guzman. Private eye and ex cop James Jones was on O'hare's trail and he believed that O'hare travelled to South Africa and connected with Mike Hoare. Mike Hoare and Rip Robertson became close when Robertson and his Low Beam Cubans helped in the fight in the Congo during the mid 1960's. JK

  5. Hand was guided by his Manhattan handler and disappeared into the murky world of intelligence. JK

    Hi Mr. Kelly,

    First off, I just want to say that I very much enjoy reading your posts. They are filled with great insight.

    I was wondering if you could share who the Manhattan connection to this is? I seem to remember reading about a man by the name of John Martin who was supposedly from NYC and associated with Intel-types. Is this the man you were referring to?



    Excellent, Zach, you are right on the money. John Martin is an alias of course. He was also a sponsor of Robert Emmett Johnson. I very much enjoy your posts. Keep up the great work. JK

  6. To give the appearance of normalcy, Hand rented a flat at 35 Union Street Pyrmont but was actually staying at the Sebel Town House or Bernie Houghton's Elizabeth Bay penthouse. He used the name Alan Winter to leave the country. The real Winter was a normal guy, wife two kids, who worked as a butcher in Bexley. An associate of Hand approached Winter claiming he worked for an insurance company and secured his parent's birthdates, their marriage date and mother's maiden name. At the time, this is all one needed to request a birth certificate. This item plus two photographs would secure a passport. Hand donned a false beard to match Winter and without any problems, got a passport under the name Alan Winter. 48 hours later, Hand left the country. He travelled to Vancouver, then to Ohio (where he connected with the family of an Australian business associate) and then onto New York. Hand's aging father, who he was close to, was in a nursing home there. From here, Hand was guided by his Manhattan handler and disappeared into the murky world of intelligence. About a year after Frank Nugan's death, a Sydney business man claimed to have seen Nugan in a Atlanta bistro. He asked Nugan what he was doing here and got a one word reply, "reaping". Rumors abounded that Nugan was not the one killed in Lithgow but an Italian drug dealer. It was Nugan's brother (a man with somewhat of a shady background) who identified the body. FWIW. JK

  7. I was wondering if anyone had any information regarding a shooting back in May of 1967? The president of radio station AKDA, Charles Walker, reported that while Novel was travelling in a news wagon, it came under a barrage of gunfire. Novel was supposedly wounded but not seriously. Any information would be appreciated. JK

  8. During February of 1964, there was some movement of Cuban assets (including Manuel Artime and Rafael Quintero) into various training programs part instructed by Zamka (David Morales). Two other agency men involved were James D. Zaboth and James E. Beckhoff. Amyone have any idea who these guys really were?


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