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  1. Although I have now posted half a dozen messages on Education Forum, I have yet to receive a single reply. I may be in Newcastle upon Tyne, but I'm beginning to wonder whether I'm also in Coventry... Hi David I was just changing my E-mail address and your message appeared on the screen. I hope somebody has responded to you -- if not, here I am. My name is Gary Reid -- a retired head of mathematics in a school board here in Ontario. I am now teaching part-time at Seneca College [http://www.senecac.on.ca]. We recently changed the math curriculum for high school here in Ontario to the discovery/graphing calculators/geometry software/groups/journals approach. Haven't looked at your material yet --- but this "new" approach is a disaster for about 80% of the kids. Hence, it has not been followed -- although most of the textbooks are written that way. You knw, 800-page textbooks with lots of pix, political correctness -- and some mathematics buried somewhere. Anyway, its back to school here tomorrow -- I will try to look at your material. Sincerely, Gary Reid Sandford ONTARIO
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