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  1. On the JFK page there was recently a thread started about Jim Fetzer asserting that Paul McCartney did in fact die and was replaced in 1966; I don't share that view but there was a post regarding the overall Paul is Dead phenomenon that I'd like to address in this thread-- The Beatles have most certainly been exercising their right to remove based on Copyright even though Fair Use is often claimed; the most notable exception is the group Iamaphoney, whose videos have remained largely intact...it is said elsewhere in the thread that no one has really come forward to talk about any of this, a
  2. And, as "luck" would have it, David Bowie is releasing his I Can't Give Everything Away" single on April 8th, the date of the Is God Dead issue of Time. http://davidbowienews.com/2016/03/i-cant-give-everything-away-being-released-on-april-8th/ (To be clear, I don't think its luck at all...I think the song is about The Beatles and God is Dead)
  3. Iamaphoney, who I am not associated with, seems to want to reiterate that it is indeed Time.
  4. Thanks to those who supplied feedback, I've taken it back to private now to continue work on it...
  5. I noticed this morning that there was still a link in this thread to an old blog post of mine that has probably been rendered somewhat obsolete over the past few years. The intent of this was always to write a book about the whole thing, and I posted a number of excerpts from the still in progress work recently so that some of the people in and around it could give some feedback, but anyone else who would like to check it out can read it here. Its primarily a story just to let you know upfront, most of the Beatles material doesn't come until well into the excerpts and in fact that is the sect
  6. Does anyone else know about this...yeah I think a few artists do. “The blackout hearts, the flowered news / With skull designs upon my shoes. I can't give everything away” RIP to David Bowie...
  7. As stated earlier, perhaps the key line, at least one of the key lines, on the Sgt. Pepper LP as it relates to clues was the line We were talking-About the Space between us all, potentially alluding to the space on the Sgt. Pepper cover between the 4 Beatles where the drum, ATL in Beatles and the doll reside. No one is quite sure what all in the Paul McCartney LP Ram set John Lennon off, but there are some potential references to the Paul is Dead/God is Dead issue on the Ram Cover, including the Lily inscription that actually also mirrors to one one one X just like the Sgt. Pepper drum.
  8. Back in the eighties, the PMRC tried to make a big deal about backwards masking in music; they were largely laughed off and rightfully so. But there are two instances of backwards masking that seem to directly relate to the fate of John Lennon, instances that are quite a bit more troubling than the cartoonish and nonsensical "the devil ate soup" or whatever that were being trumpeted back in the day by the PMRC. Right at the the beginning of the song, or the end if you listen backwards, you hear Yoko whisper I shot John Lennon. Now obviously Yoko herself didn't do that; but Kiss Kiss Kis
  9. Having established Time and Atlanta, lets return for a minute to the response to this 35 years ago today. Its fairly well known amongst Beatle afficianados that there is something that seems quite odd about the details surrounding John Lennon's death. First, there was the poster in Magical Mystery Tour that foreshadowed John's killer in saying The Best Way to Go is by MDC. This is from an album that was released 13 years to the day before John's death. Then fast forwarding to December 8th 1980, Mark David Chapman is standing in front of the Dakota ruminating about the odd coincidence tha
  10. Once upon a long ago, lived four young lads I'm sure you know. The other three, you know them two. You'll know me better when this is through. Before the band was on the run, a natures child followed the sun. And soon the four became a three, a list of clues for those to see. A story told in fine detail, to keep the loonies on the trail. A coin, a sheep, a favored son, were welcomed guest when the day was done. Now, those days are gone, the stories told, in rivers of ash, and urns of gold. A final hint to all of those, who refuse to see the Emporer's clothes. The still unanswered riddle, p
  11. 1882 Good morning, young master, it’s 1882 your mother is hungry, what will you do? there is bread in the kitchen of the big house upstairs but I warn you, don’t take it from them your mother is calling, she wants you by the bed so get up, young master, shake your sleepy head “darling son, I am dying, and I leave it to you I’m leaving, tell me, what did I do?” you’ll be tarred, you’ll be feathered, you’ll be hung like a ham and I warn you, don’t do it, young man i own a sheepfarm. i own a sheepfarm. i’m dying, tell me, what did I do? Live version Good morning, young master, it’s 1882 And yo
  12. I would hope its clear, that in saying God is Dead is really the answer, I am in no way saying that they were never referring to Paul. There are in fact quite a few songs where you can hear them directly reference something about Paul, Paul is a dead man, miss him miss him, Paul is bloody, etc..., what I'm suggesting (assuming most people believe he didn't really die) is that Paul was built in as plausible deniability in case anyone started to question what these clues were actually about. It was simple misdirection, and brilliant. The band got plausible deniability, and Paul got more attent
  13. Now, if you read this and conclude that I'm saying that The Beatles were evil, well no I'm not really saying that. I am certainly suggesting that they may have been avenging something they perceived had really been done to them in the Summer of '66 with the More Popular Than Jesus controversy and that it may have been better to try and change the world for the better without ever saying a single word about it by advocating for freedom. If you consider that to be evil, so be it, I mean, its not like anyone was protesting anything by the Summer of Love, the world had radically changed in less t
  14. Sure, there's more. If Paul McCartney in all these years ever came close to giving away the answer, he did so in the lyrics to the song House of Wax a few years back. House of Wax Hidden in the yard underneath the wall buried deep below A Thousand Layers ...lay the answer to it all. But there is more... Looking Through A Glass Onion But still they lead me back To the long winding road You left me waiting here A long Long Time Ago Don't leave me standing here Lead me to your door I used to chide people that said you could find backwards hidden messages anywhere, I've tried on prob
  15. https://youtu.be/3wbDQe-TMpo Posted by Iamaphoney on the anniversary of God's death in 2007, never saying why he posted it. So if the Is God Dead issue of Time and the Atlanta based obituary for God on November 9th 1965 is the answer, there must be clues tracking back to this, right? The story unfolds before your eyes and ears for those that connect the dots. Many of you see things that are not there. Much energy spent on ghosts that fail to materialize. Questions Asked That Lay unanswered which will add a crucial piece of the puzzle. Too many people doing too many things to notice the key
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