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  1. Thank you for the info Larry. I would be interested in reading your notes on the research. You wrote, "I researched Vinson's story in detail over some three years or more, as far as I could at least without more information than initially given in the video his lawyer showed or in the book - and there were some serious differences between the two." Is the following "serious differences" what you are referring to in the above statement, or is there other information? " Having been Air Force and traveled military air I knew there were some problems with his basic story but there were even larger issues including the fact that he clearly did not either recognize that the CIA and security contacts with him had to do with the fact that he was being vetted to work on the SR71 project, which he admittedly did do eventually. What he makes out to be mysterious in that regard is really very much standard security practice for a joint AF/CIA project."
  2. One fact that maybe I possibly missed here, is that Vinson was related as a nephew of former Supreme Court Justice Fred Vinson. Vinson was the 13th chief justice of the United States Supreme Court. He also served in the U.S. House of Representatives.
  3. Coming Soon. Here is the link to the trailer of John Barbour's new film, The American Media and the Second Assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The role of the media in not covering the assassination truthfully. He will be previewing this film at the Texas Theater in Dallas and speaking at Judyth Vary Baker's THE JFK ASSASSINATION CONFERENCE.
  4. I heard an audio clip by Robert Kennedy made about the time he was running for President, wherein he stated something like this, "There are two ways to get elected President. One, is through the political process, and two is through the people." This is from my recollection of the statement. I may be somewhat close? I cannot find the clip or the source after searching for about two weeks. It may have been on the Shaun O'Sullivan documentary that was on the BBC, however it was deleted from YouTube. Might anyone have any recollection or knowledge of this statement or source? Does anyone know what speech or interview it came from?
  5. Hi, I believe I do have many relatives in Australia. When my great uncles came to the United States in 1912 or so, they decided it was not for them. They went back to Italy and then migrated to Australia. There is a possibility that Kate may be a distant relative. Say hello to her for me. Geno
  6. I am the general manager of a small noncommercial fm radio station; www.KiYQ.org Bio: Geno Munari age 70 Attended UNLV in Las Vegas. Adjunct Professor UNLV 1980-1984 Non Restricted Gaming License Holder I am a business owner of several businesses: Houdini's Magic Shops Houdini Publishing (with in-house printing equipment) Director of Reading, Writing, Arithmetic 501(3) © and licensee for KiYQ-LP Munari Auctions, Inc. I have been Vice President and Director of several Major Hotels in Las Vegas. In my earlier years was a writer for a subsidiary of the Los Angeles Herald Examiner. Presently I am the General Manger for KIYQ, and an avid researcher and on-air commentator. I am interested in all your forums on Robert Kennedy and John Kennedy plus all the other historical topics as well. I really enjoy Spartacus and the Education forum. Most sincerely, Geno Munari
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