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  1. I looked at ther motorcycle noise on the Dictabelt. It is as follows: The timing is that the bell is 56.2s to 56.8s. from 0 to 37.5s there is laud motorcycle noise, basically uninterrupted 37.5s-45.5s motorcycle noise, but more silent, the cycle moves slower but does not stop 45.5s-48.7s the motorcycle is silent, no talking 47.8s-49.3s talking: hold it up right 49.3s-50.5s talking: there, we´re gonna do it 50.5s-51,7s talking: I, I got it 51.7s-52.5s talking unclear: let`s see of you got it 52.5s putative shot1 53.2s putative additional shot (shot4
  2. Can you give a youtube video where there is a motorcycle like the one McClain used? The sound on the Dictabelt is passed through the radio channel and is attenuated both on low and on high frequences, so it does not sound the same as throught the air, but if the engine is of the same type, maybe the plot will look similar either in the time domain or in the frequency domain. 3000 rotations per minute should be 50 rotations per second, that is 50 Hz. The channel does not carry so low frequences well. Normally such channels have been designed for male voice 600 Hz to 3400 Hz, the upper bound bei
  3. Yes, cycles per second should be smaller that cycles per minute, it should be 60 times cycles per minute, so how do I get rpm from those plots where the power spectrum is in Hz?
  4. I do not know about the motor rotations per minute (rpm). We have to solve this problem first. So, the plots of the Dictabelt have a maximum at 1100 Hz=cycles/second, divided by 60 that is 18.3 cycles/minute. If that is not 18.3 rpm, then I am lost, but help me, I do not know anything about bikes. There is fig.7 in the second paper I wrote, Kennedt_article2. It shows thje motorcycle noise at 58.8s, when I think the head shot occurred.The motorcycle stops, but starts again. At 56.2 starts a bell, what you see there is the bell, the motorcycle is very silent. So, indeed if you take the shot
  5. Thanks, I will try at some point to match the motorcycle movements. In Barger`s report from 1979 the last shot on the head is 49.2s, I place it to 58.8s, that is 9.6s difference. It is possible that the motorcycle movements fit quite well to my shot times also. Look at fig.7 in my article 2. The motorcycle nearly stops at the head shot 58.8s, and it is going really slow when the shots come. Clearly, the motorcycle seems to be in the motorcade as its speed seems to be responding to the purported shot times. It always stops after a shot. The Zapruder film fits to my shot times. I does not fit t
  6. I contacted Donald Thomas when I first started this study, because I looked at this after having watched his video in the web. Now, he was not very willing to share any information and he was not interested on my views either, or that´s how I saw it. But I got into some kind of a dispute with Steve Barber, I guess you understand he did not like my work that much, I did send my pdfs to him but have not got any answer yet. Yes, the match with the correct speed and everything looks good, but their timing of the shots is difficult to fit to anything on the Dictabelt and in the Zapruder film. Their
  7. To Chris: I will measure the noise from the three wheeler from the video, but the noise in the Dictabelt can be seen in fig 4 in article two, you say 26,00 rpm, rounds per minute, that is then 60*26=1560 1/s, or 1.56 KHz. Plot in fig 4 is motorcycle noise and there is a line at 3kHz. Clearly 1,56 kHz should be about half between 0 and 3 kHz. I measured the Harvey. The plots are in http://www.pienisalaliittotutkimus.com/2017/12/18/who-killed-j-f-kennedy-and-why/ there is a link to Answer_to_Chris. To compare these two motorcycles, one first have to understand that the one in
  8. Answer to Eddy, Thanks for your answer. It is very helpful. I try to address some of the issues now, some will require more time, checking and such. The report Barger J. E., “Analysis of recorded sounds relating to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy,” report no 3947, to HSCA, 1979, has information of the trial shots. They have measured the echo peaks ion different positions of the shooter and the target and they find matches for the peaks in the traffic in the Dictabelt. The traffic in the Dictabelt is very noisy because of the motorcy
  9. I wrote two short pdfs on the Dictabelt, in http://www.pienisalaliittotutkimus.com/category/posts-in-english/kennedy-assassination/ I would appreciate comments, noticed misunderstandings, errors etc. It is not really my field, so there may be anything. Thanks, Jorma
  10. My name is Jorma Jormakka. For a cv see http://www.pienisalaliittotutkimus.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/short_cv.pdf
  11. I am Jorma Jormakka. Nowadays I am independent researcher, meaning I can study different open problems on whatever fields. Up to 2010 I was a professor, in military technology and in communication networks, since summer 2010 I tried to write novels. I wrote two, but did not get them published, so gave it up.
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