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Oswald radio appearances

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In my opinion, the LHO whom William Stuckey interviewed on 2 radio shows, The Latin Listening Post on Aug. 17, 1963 and Carte Blanque or Blanche a few3 days later is one and the same man. I have never in my life met anyone from New Orleans. I don't know the indigenous accent. I remember trying to understand Tennessee Williams when he was on Kup's Show and it was difficult. Harvey had a Southern accent. But it sounded to me like he was someone who learned English as a second language. I think he had a problem with his "t's."

I guess this would support a lookalike Russian agent "returning" from Minsk with Marina Oswald. The Intell agencies got their money's worth with him. He was so set up with the radio programs and his giving out flyers about the FPFC Committee. He was the perfect fall guy and was killed 2 days after President Kennedy at the age of 24.

The question remains: What happened to "Lee" Oswald? I've read that in the exhumation of Harvey, they only tested his head, mostly with dental records. It was Harvey. But they did not test the body. Someone said that the head was severed from the body and the head was Harvey but the body belonged to...Lee? Then how did Donald O. Norton, a redhead, who looked nothing like LHO, get saddled with the story of being Lee Oswald?

Only William Kelly ever saw this phantom but didn't take a good look at him.


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