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David Talbot: Marina Oswald & Sheridan

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Mr. Talbot,

On page 25 of Brothers you write:

Bobby also continued to be driven by investigative zeal that weekend. He conferred with Sheridan about Oswald and Ruby. Bobby asked him to fly to Dallas and make some private inquiries. "The key name was Marina Oswald [widow of the alleged assassin]--he wanted Walt to check in to see what she really knew," Richard Goodwin, the JFK speechwriter and aide, told me.

The fact that Robert Kennedy considered Marina Oswald "the key name'" in Dallas is intriguing, if not surprising. Yet there is no more mention of this subject in Brothers. Do you know what Sheridan found out about Marina Oswald when he traveled to Dallas shortly after the assassination?

I join others in thanking you for discussing Brothers here at the Education Forum. It was so well written, I could not put it down once I began reading. And thanks for Salon, an invaluable resource.

Michael Hogan

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