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Can We Stop The Negative Comments?

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I devoured both books and think they both make excellent points and have some drawbacks. As an RFK admirer I had a very hard time with Joan Mellen's view that RFK set out TO destroy Garrison, who IS a hero to me. He did risk his career. Name me one other DA- or other elected official- who has done that? He was sincere but he was also trusting and got in way over his head. His office was so infiltrated that it became very hard for him to know who was working with vs. against him. He had the entire Federal government, CIA, FBI, DIA etc. etc. against him. Good God, give the man his due.

I have spent my entire adult life watching JFK researchers throw knives at each other. The enemey has no fear; it is we. How can we ever SOLVE the true crime of the century with so much back -biting?

Garrison thought the CIA killed JFK, Bobby thought the same. They should have been allies. But ...the tragedy, for the damn world-as David pointed out earlier, is that they were not. Can't we all learn from their mistakes and turn our anger and divisiveness in the direction of the real enemy: The Nazi government that overthrew its best hope. Garrison said fascism would "come to America in the name of 'National security' ". He certainly had that right. And we have been "there" for a very long time now. Any pretext of otherwise is a myth held by those who don't know our true history.


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Perhaps this extract from a 1943 book is of interest "If and when (my emphasis) fascism ... is foisted on America ... (and) propagated ... under the guise of 'patriotism'. ...".


"National Security' and 'patriotism' are blurred into each other, they feed on the same sentiments.

However, one can see National Security and Patriotism as anti-fascism, and I think that is the correct way. It's a matter of separating the interests of the present rulers from the interests of the general population without being branded anti-american. (gosh: what can they say now? Go Back to Russia?) Otherwise one is simply falling for a myth, which is readily understandable. There is much stacked against freeing ones mind from the dominant dogma. The Catholics say 'give me the child for seven years and we'll give you a Catholic for life'. Pretty apt methinks. Nothing against Catholicism, rather a statement about a truism re habit and the changing of it. When the water is muddied by a Desire for Royalties, then argument and the attendant focus of attention may reign, and sometimes truth takes second place.

I try to see the assassination Forum as a kind of Homicide Office bull-pen. Lots of invective giving the kitchen a certain temperature but ultimately, hopefully, with a common purpose. To find the murderer(s). Naturally there will be differing assingnments.

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