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The following is offered in all humility and informed by experiences gained by too many years in the trenches.

For those of us who accept the truth of conspiracy and wish to share it, I cannot conjure a more valuable base line for JFK assassination-related lectures and debates than the following:

We are obliged to make it clear to audiences and debate opponents that we must differentiate between the "how" and the "who and why" of the issue if we are to have any chance of discovering the way in which John Kennedy died and the identities and motives of his killers.

As you witnessed this evening (I'm writing on Monday, May 29, at 6:40 PM from my New England home) during your appearance on Chris Matthew's "Hardball," Bugliosi will rabidly attempt to create straw men, conflate and intentionally misstate conflicting points of view, and otherwise make every effort to confuse his audiences by flooding them with vast, unmanageable amounts of disinformation.

Accordingly, I suggest that you in turn make every effort to focus first on the "how" issue. When inevitably Bugliosi comes back with a "you mean to say" ad hominem ("You mean to say that Lyndon Johnson peed on JFK from the Grassy Knoll???"), scold him as you direct him back on point. By all means inform the audience of the nature of his sophistic trickery, laugh at him, demean him -- and do so by intelligently, cogently, and dramatically correcting his intentional perverting of the historical record.

Your condescending smile as the Matthews segment drew to a close was spot-on!

Stay on point. Stay with the "how" until the ideal opportunity to move to "who and why" presents itself.

Segregation, baby. It's the only way.

(God help me, I can't believe I wrote those last six words. Here's betting they're taken out of context ... and soon.)

This for starters, if I may.


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