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Biography: Anthony Moore

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For the last 2 years I have visited your wonderful site almost daily, using it as one of the most informative tools of the JFK assassination I have ever found.

I am an architect in Tennessee, USA, and was in first grade when the principal of my school came across the loudspeaker and asked us all to proceed to the busses at once, closing school for the day. I vividly remember walking silently passed solemn teachers, and onto a bus driven by a surly, tough-type busdriver who had tears in his eyes. No one answered any of our questions until we reached home, where I found my Mother glued to the TV in tears. The national showing of the Z-Film by Groden on Geraldo in '78 began for me what has turned into a lifetime hobby of study.

The venue you have created, and the members you have convinced to join, is an amazing accomplishment and, in my opinion, will eventually lead to the exposing of this crime. I'd like to be here when it happens.

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