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Depleted Uranium

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It's time to bring the US-NATO Army Leaders to the Geneva court of war crimes. The use of depleted uranium has introduced a weapon of mass destruction into the middle east with horrifying consequences.

Apart from this the mere use and production of such weapons must immediately be halted and declared Internationally Illegal. Those who continue to use them should be sued and these criminals must be brought to heel.

The misery that these scum are introducing to the world and the fallacious studies they use to justify it, as they are overwhelmingly shown to be fallacious, means that a global class action can be taken against the military industrial comlex.

Children are playing in this dust and with fragments they find in weapons of war in the middle east today and the rates of leukemia and burth defects are skyrocketing.



"Veterans and civilians in these wars WERE exposed to DU, and this inhaled DU represents a seriously enhanced risk of damaged immune systems and fatal cancers."

- Rosalie Bertell, Ph.D, GNSH

DU weapons were first used in conflict during the first Gulf War in 1991. Over 350 tons of DU were left in the soil, air, and water of Iraq and Kuwait at that time. DU was also definitely used in Bosnia (1994-1995), Kosovo (1999), and Iraq (2003), and may have been used in Afghanistan (2001-2003).

DU has been processed and tested at dozens of locations throughout the U.S. , creating extensive contamination.

• The National Lead Industries factory in Colonie , NY , closed in 1980 after DU particles were found 26 miles away and DU levels in soil were 500 times higher than neighboring areas. (Len Dietz, 1996)

• The Starmet plant in Concord , MA dumped 400,000 pound of DU and other toxic substances into an unlined pit over twenty-five years. DU contaminated soil and groundwater, and is moving toward drinking water supplies. (Citizens Research and Environmental Watch, Concord , MA )

• The former Jefferson Proving Ground in Madison , IN contains over 150,000 pounds of DU shells and fragments. The U.S. Army wants to walk away from the contamination without performing any cleanup or ongoing environmental monitoring. ( U.S. Army & Nuclear Regulatory Commission)

When a DU shell hits a hard target such as a tank or building, it burns and produces a tiny ceramic dust that can be inhaled. These particles can remain in the environment for many years, travel for miles on air currents, re-suspend into the air when disturbed, and migrate into soil and groundwater. DU particles that are ingested or inhaled can lodge in the lungs, bones, kidneys, and reproductive organs and cause damage through radiation and toxic properties. Studies have linked DU exposure with damage to the kidneys; immune, nervous, respiratory, and reproductive systems; cancer; and genetic mutations.

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