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Sorry about being unavailable for answering your questions for the past 36 hours.

I am able to access ONLY PAGE ONE of the "Jack White: Questions" forum. These are the ONLY pages here I cannot access. I believe either the forum or my computer have been hacked to prohibit my accesss. This is a familiar tactic which has been used on another forum to silence me.

Sorry about that. When John figures how to solve the problem, I will resume answering your queries.

Jack White :o:angry::blink:

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There is only one page in the Simkin JFK forum which will not work. It is page two of the Questions forum (or any subsequent). A member of this forum is believed to have caused such hacking on other such forums. It is part of a consistent internet effort to keep Jack White from posting. As Fletcher Prouty once told me...their efforts are because they fear your photoanalysis.

Jack White :blink:

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