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Guest Stephen Turner
With Nathan Darby's expert finding's that Mac Wallace was in the sixth floor on the day of the assassination. With the evidence that Mac had worked for LBJ's man Carter. With E. Howard Hunt's Description of the assassination involving LBJ and the CIA. With the information from Gaeton Fonzi that David Phillip's was involved with Oswald. That Phillip's now being fingered by Hunt as being invloved. What is it going to take for the mainstream media and any government agency's to feel the pressure enough to do something about this case? Please help me understand why it is ignored?

The social upheavals of the 1960s shock the ruling power elite to their core, and nothing worried them more than the fact that the threat to their hegemony appeared global in nature. It is against this backdrop that the assassination of JFK, the first of many, some violent, many essentially bloodless needs to be understood.

Taken individually the assassinations, coups and power transfers of this era can seem confussing, it is only by understanding their totality, and their global reach and nature that an understanding of "the game" can be garnered, this understanding will also expose the cold war, and ubber Nationalism for the diversionary tactics that they were/are, and further, how said diversions helped the Power elite construct todays house of cards we laughingly call modern society. Stated simply, where a threat to their continued rule existed, no matter how small, they created a vacuum, and then filled it with political ballast of their choosing, and liking.

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