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Tevez and West Ham

John Simkin

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Article in today's Guardian that suggests that West Ham could still face a points deduction as a result of the Tevez case.


George Chesterton

Thursday July 12, 2007

The Guardian

West Ham have been warned by the Premier League that they face disciplinary action - which includes the option of a points deduction - if the dispute over the proposed transfer of Carlos Tevez to Manchester United is not concluded to their satisfaction.

The Premier League believes that West Ham have severed all links to Tevez's agent, Kia Joorabchian, who owns the economic rights to the player, and if the club agree to terminate the remaining three years of the Argentina striker's contract - something he has requested personally - sanctions will be imposed.

A Premier League spokesman said: "We have made it clear to West Ham that we will take action against them if they agree to Tevez's request to terminate his contract."

The league is unhappy at the prospect of Joorabchian being the main beneficiary of a deal with Old Trafford, after being given assurances this year that West Ham, who own the player's registration, had cut all ties with the businessman and his company, MSI.

"We are satisfied the agreement between West Ham and MSI no longer exists. Joorabchian says it does. The only way MSI can proceed is to sue West Ham for breach of contract," said the league spokesman.

In a related issue, Joorabchian is prepared to hand over all the documentation relating to Tevez's contract at West Ham if tomorrow's high court ruling goes in favour of Sheffield United. The relegated club are pursuing legal action after the Premier League inquiry decided not to dock West Ham points for breaking two regulations in their signing of Tevez and his fellow Argentinian Javier Mascherano.

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Guest Stephen Turner

Personally speaking I would prefer MU to pull out of this deal, World class player or not, the whole situation stinks to high heaven. And as regards what the Premier league's motivation in all this is I can only guess. (Far too much London bias, as a friend said, If Tevez had been moving to Chelsea, rather than Man Utd he would have been pictured wearing the blue shirt by now.) Isn't Paranoia a terrible thing.........

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