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If just one of these people told the truth...

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There are an endless number of people that saw or heard things that if true, would be prima facie evidence of a conspiracy to murder President Kennedy. Many of them are deceased of course.

It only takes one.

Because of the current thread, Ed Hoffman comes to mind. Antonio Veciana would be another. So would Billy Grammer, Delphine Roberts or Carroll Jarnigan. Also Arnold Rowland, Roger Craig or Lee Oswald. Tosh Plumlee, Harry Dean and Bradley Ayers are still with us.

If just one of the above persons were accurate and truthful in their recollections, then by definition a conspiracy would have had to exist. There are many more complex examples then the people I've named. They're just a few that came to mind. The list could quickly and easily be hundreds of individuals. Statistics and common sense say at least one of them had to be right.

It can't be that each and every one of these people were either greatly mistaken or lying, can it?

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Didn't David Morales and David Atlee Phillips both confess, shortly before their deaths, to being in Dallas the day JFK was assassinated?

People can confess all they like but until they produce some hard evidence it isn't going to matter to the 'lone nut' crowd or our government.

And even if some proof is brought forth, who makes the official call? We have plenty of books that conclude there was a conspiracy. Does the news have to hit the front page of the New York Times to be official? History books re-written? Government acknowledgement?


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