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Guest David Guyatt

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Guest David Guyatt


Is Gordon's Brown's new government set to spin a new web or just sprinkle a bit of glitter over it and hey presto!

David Miliband has just announced that the very heart of Gordon's new foreign policy is America.

"Our bilateral relationship with the U.S. is our single most important bilateral relationship,'' sayeth the boy wonder.

No surprises there, then. This, I think is sad as one might just hope for something new, even vibrantly new. But alas, it's not to be. And, I think, never will be. If our new Tory Dave gets in at the next election, he is certain to just carry on with the same old same old. Meanwhile, those who google Miliband's CV will see his American credentials for post of Foreign Secretary of the United States of Kingdom.

If consolation is in order, then at least we can remember that we have the world's greatest royal family along with the world's greatest weather, and our royals come from right royal stock, I say. Dear old Queen Mum was such a character.


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