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Biography: Accogli Claudio

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I was born in 1970, degree in 1994 in modern and contemporary history at La Sapienza University, Roma on "Riflessi della politica della Nuova Frontiera in Europa Occidentale"* (later became the book ''Il Mosaico Scomposto'', 1996).

2002 second degree in journalism at Luiss University, Roma: "Kennedy e Internet - Vademecum per la ricerca online"**

November 2003, 1st edition of "Kennedy e il centro-sinistra/Nenni, i missili e il mistero di Dallas"***

2nd edition in March 2004.

The books are focused on the new papers found in italian archives on Mlf - Multilateral Force - and on the ''ebassies'' from prof. Neumann to Nenni ''in the name of Jfk"., and the role of mafia people like Filippo Sacco-Roselli.

*The Impact of JFK New Frontier policy in West Europe

**Kennedy and Internet - a vademecum for online researchers

***Kennedy and the center-left/Nenni, the missiles and the Dallas mystery

Edited by Accogli Claudio
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