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John Simkin

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According to the website: "The Visual Thesaurus takes a unique approach to presenting the results of a word lookup. Discover and learn from nearly 140,000 words, meanings and relationships Through its emphasis on exploration and vocabulary building, the Visual Thesaurus can improve reading, writing and communication skills. Type in a word in the text box to the upper left of this window, click "look it up," and you'll be rewarded with an interactive map showing the meaning of your word. If you'd like unlimited access to the Visual Thesaurus, you will need to subscribe to the Online Edition, or buy the Desktop Edition."

Anyone tried it?


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Had a quick look at this John as it seemed like a good idea - it doesn't seem to recognise 'antidiseatablishmentarianism' as a word (perhaps it isn't one?), but I didn't get much sense from 'meiosis' either - a perfectly good scientific word. Perhaps I am asking too much here? ;)

Nice idea though. Anyone else had a go yet? It locked me out rather quickly from the 'try out' before asking for money!

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